10 Incredible Things You Can Do with Hot Glue Gun

hot glue gun is everyone’s favorite crafting tool. Have you ever wondered about all the remarkable things you can do with this little stuff? Not only for crafting, but this tool can be used for many brilliant purposes around the home too. Get your inspiration here!

#1. Repair Your Rug

If you have a rug that can’t lay perfectly on your floor, the hot glue can be a good solution to take. All you need to do is just flip your rug over. Then, make sure to glue the rug at its corners and along the edge. If it is necessary, you can also cover the surface area of the rug with the glue with zigzag patterns as much as possible. However, keep in mind to not glue your rug to the floor since it will hard for you to move it.

#2. Protect Bath Toys

You can also use hot glue to protect your kids’ bath toys. How could it possibly happen? Well, studies show that Legionella and E.Coli will easily build up inside the toys when the water doesn’t dry out the cavity of the plastic toys. By plugging up the toy on its hole base with a blob of hot glue will help you to avoid the growth of the bacteria. 

#3. Create a Mold

Instead of buying an expensive mold, you can also create your own by using hot glue. To make the mold, you need to squirt a large dollop of hot glue. After that, you can push any object you want to mold into the dollop. However, you need to know that the hot glue will work best for small stuff since it cools fast. 

#4. Open Up a Can

Often get difficulties to open up a can? Well, this will not happen again since the hot glue will help you with it. To open the can with hot glue, you will need a palm of a cotton glove. Then, put strips of hot glue on the cotton. Once it dries out, the hot glue will grip the top of can’s jar, makes it easier for you to open it up.

#5. Create Window Decorations

You can also create window decorations by using a hot glue gun and make your house ready to welcome the holiday season. This will be a great idea to try since glue sticks also come with a wide range of color options. Some of them even can glow in the dark. You can apply hot glue directly to your window glasses and make them look colorful instantly.

#6. Create Expensive-Looking Christmas Decorations

You have known that hot glue is great for glass surfaces and you can also peel it off easily. You can use colored or glitter glue and apply it to the outside of plain glass Christmas decorative items. It will create a 3-D effect to the ornaments and make them look more expensive.

#7. Repair Buttons

So, your button is about to fall off and you don’t have a needle to fix it? The hot glue will be valuable assistance in this situation. Just apply some hot glue over a thread and your problem is fixed. The glue will keep the button stays in place until you have time to sew it. Additionally, the hot glue will not damage the button like clear nail polish might do.

#8. Removing Pet Hair

Removing pet hair for car seats will be easier to do with hot glue. You only need to apply hot glue dots on a rubber glove and let it dry. Then, you can use the rubber glove to groom your dogs and remove their hair. The hair will get extra friction from the dried hot glue that makes it easy for you to get rid away from your car seats.

#9. Beautify a Vase

Aside from glass windows, you can also use hot glue to decorate a vase or beautify a plain jar. You can even customize the decoration simply by adding a beautiful pattern or a word. Coating the glue with your favorite color will also bring the look of the plain vase into a different level.

#10. Avoid Falls

Avoiding slipping over in shoes can also be done simply by using a hot glue gun. Just place some glue in a few dots on the bottom of your shoes and let them dry. Just wait for a few minutes to let the glue dry up and you can run across a hardwood floor without worrying about slipping over again.

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