3 Reasons Why Animated Explainer Videos Kill High Bounce Rates

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It can be frustrating to see how people leave your site after having a glance at it. If you are bothered by this and do not have a clue about the number one enemy of your company, you must pay attention to bounce rate. It is basically the percentage of people who visit your site and leave it without visiting some pages on your website. It can lead to no conversion, no sales, no engagement, no leads, and so on. Fortunately, there is a way to combat this and that is through the use of an animation video for business.

An animated explainer video is the only way to explain everything about your business in an engaging and entertaining way. Below are some of the reasons why these videos can reduce bounce rates:

Animated Explainer Videos Can Help You Grow Your SEO Rates

The time that visitors spend navigating you site has a direct link with your rank on every search engine. If you aren’t visible on Google, it does not matter how good your service or product is since no one would find it. You must locate your bounce rate and your animated video must have the power to defeat it. Visitors must stay longer on your website and turn them into customers. Animated videos have better chances. As a matter of fact, fifty-three times more likely to appear on the first pages of Google than simple texts.

Animated Explainer Videos Are Instant Attention Grabbers

You can’t deny the fact that human attention span is low. In fact, it’s lower compared of a goldfish’s that is only about eight seconds long and the primary factor that feeds bounce rate. But, there’s nothing you should worry about as animated explainer videos can help you capture the attention of your viewers and guarantee that they will stay an average two minutes longer. Therefore, that is a great leap from eight seconds and can be considered as an instant boost. So, make sure to play smart and consider placing your video where it could grab attention immediately. You should also make it appealing, bold, and big. You may also use an attractive image for luring your viewers to press the play button.

Animated Explainer Videos Are a Good Way to Turn Your Visitors to Customers

Bounce rates will tell you in numbers. These are the amount of individuals that did not engage with your business, which is a marketing weakness. In short, bounce rates reveal the truth that you are losing money. Take note that some animated explainer videos last more than two minutes and can work effectively. It is poorly crafted, expect that your audience will not watch it and would just leave your video in the middle. That is why your animated video must be created well under any duration to help you win more conversion rates, which can defeat bounce rate successfully.

With those reasons above, you should not hesitate to make an animated video for your business. This will help you defeat bounce rate effectively. It can also boost your time-on-page and improve your brand’s exposure online.

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