Top Choices of Useful Pregnancy Mobile Applications

Being healthy during the pregnancy period is the hope of all moms to be. There are so many ways on dealing with the comfort and also fitness which can be obtained during the pregnancy. That can be obtained in various ways, for example visiting the doctor regularly, consuming healthy foods, monitoring the baby’s movement regularly, doing the right exercise regularly, and many others. All pregnant women want to do the great effort to keep the health of their body and their baby to be in a good condition. Getting the comfort during the pregnancy moment is also something important. By the need of such those things, fortunately we live in this era where the technology can help us much, as like providing the various applications which can be really helpful for the pregnant women. If you are pregnant, for sure, you need such the helpful things to make you getting simplicity on dealing with any efforts to get the comfort and also health in this pregnancy moment. That would not be difficult anymore because nowadays finding such the mobile applications would not be that hard. However, we need to be much more selective on choosing some of them that will be really helpful and work well for you. The ideas and information below might be really useful and inspiring for you. There are some ideas of the recommended mobile applications for your mobile device which will be needed and useful for pregnant women as both iOS applications and Android applications.

My Pregnancy Today from BabyCenter

One of the recommended pregnancy mobile applications for is called ‘My Pregnancy Today’. That is the application from BabyCenter. This application is available for devices with iOS or even android. This application is also complete popular among women, especially pregnant women and have been downloaded by a lot of people. There are some useful features there including the popular one named Bumpie Tools. That helps you to control the development of the baby in your belly from the movement of the belly. In addition, it also has the feature of check list that enables you to list your to-do activities as like the doctor-meet appointment. That also offers a lot of useful and needed information about the pregnancy with the interesting visual as well. The info is including the nutritional guidance. There is also the feature of ‘Birth Clubs’ which enable the user to get connected to other pregnant women all over the world to share information and also experiences.


Another good mobile application for pregnant women is called ‘Baby Bump’. This application is compatible for devices with iOS or Android operating system. This application will be really helpful and make the mom will get the less of worry condition because they get the helpful yet clear info from this application. There is also the feature of ‘widget countdown’ which will be helpful to caunt the pregnancy period from the menstruation period till the last trimester of the pregnancy. Sure, this application also offers the helpful info about pregnancy, health graphic, baby journal, contraction tracker, and many more. This application also helps you to get the ideas for the baby names. As like the previous application, this application also enables users to get connected to other moms all over the world.

‘I’m expecting’

Another idea for the recommended yet useful mobile application during the maternity is ‘I’m Expecting’. It is also compatible for iOS and Android devices. This application offers the various great yet useful features including the feature which is helpful on tracking the baby’s health. This application also offers the discussion forums which can connect the user to other users all over the world to share info and experience about pregnancy. In addition, this application also offers the helpful info and tips of the healthy diet and also safe yet proper exercise tips during the pregnancy. Those will be really helpful for mom during the pregnancy moment.

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