Things to Avoid in Using Google+ for Business

For personal use, Google+ might still have to compete with other social networks. But to market small business, it’s role can’t be ignored. It can boost your business exposure and maximize its visibility on the search engine. However, you need strategies on how to attract more audience. Visual usage, content sharing, targeting audience, creating a community and putting a +1 button on your site are some of the suggestions to draw traffics. But what about the things to avoid?

Many users only focus on what to do, they forget about what they should not do with Google+ regarding their business promotion. Not to make the same mistakes, here several Don’ts you should pay attention when using Google+.

Underestimate your profile
The first thing you must not forget is complete the business information on the Google+ business page. Write down complete details and put as many images or video as possible related to your business becase people like to interact with profiles that use media. Don’t forget to use keywords and share interesting content in your profile as this will increase your business online visibility.

Forget to claim the authorship of your content
Claiming the business page is the main thing you should do. To check if there is already a certain page, you can go to to set one up. What you do next is verify the address. Don’t forget to to link up your website and add the “follower button” to your site. Now you can put content to your profile.

Wait for customers to talk to you
Unlike Facebook, you can have two-way communication with users. You can offer them coupons, discounts just say hi and engage them. With Google+, you can tag customers in your post before they come to you. Just take the first step to have the conversation with them.

Spam users
Don’t post too much in a community because you are likely to annoy people. If you are blacklisted as spammers, you will get trouble getting your business exposure started.

Forget that Google+ are not other networks
Images of food, baby or lifestyle are okay for Pinterest, Facebook etc., but NOT if you are using Google+ for business.

Ignore ‘Circles’
Categorize your customers as there are different types of them.Use different circles on Google+ to do this. By segmenting your customers, you will be able to send out targeted content and thus, engagi your audience better.

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