Simple Tips for Li-Po Battery Maintenance

A Smartphone cannot be separated from the other components. One very important component is the battery. There is a type Li-Ion battery, and there is also a manifold LiPo battery. LiPo battery is also commonly called the Li-Po or Li-Poly. Li-Po stands for Lithium polymer. Battery type Li-Po battery is used for smart phones that cannot be removed or called with irremovable battery. But there are also other types of smart phones with a removable battery that use these batteries. The advantages are liked by the users of smart phones is, the battery life is much longer than the Li-Ion battery. Although it has the advantage, nonetheless a battery should be adequately maintained in order to become a longer battery life and durable and not easily damaged. These tips can be used to care of Li-Po battery.

First Use of Battery

Actually the use of this battery is the same as the battery type Li-Ion. You do not need to recharge these batteries too long when you first use this battery. You do not need to take the advice of people who say that this battery should be recharged within 6 to 8 hours for recharging in that period did not affect the performance of this battery. Charging for 6 to 8 hours is only required by that type of NiMH batteries and NiCad. And now, almost all the gadgets and the phone have no use both types of these batteries. Sometimes there are some devices that use a battery of this type becomes difficult to start if the battery is too long is left empty. You have to perform charging for a few hours so that the device can be re-ignited. In fact, according to some users, they should be charging for 24 hours until the battery can work normally

Battery Maintenance

The most important points to care of Li-Po battery are how to use in the long term. These batteries are already protected if exposed to overcharge condition that the batteries will not run into problems if the battery remains charged in full. However, you should still do a full battery discharge after that there are no leaks that could occur and avoid the battery temperature so it does not overheat even if the battery temperature will remain the same when the battery is full. When compared with the Li-Ion battery, the battery has a life cycle that is very good and also the longer lifetime. However, you should keep the temperature of the battery is getting too hot because the battery is not very resistant to excessive heat. The heat will make the battery leaks and wear down more quickly. You can charge the battery when the battery indicator in the Smartphone screen shows the battery is already weak, but do not charge the battery in a discharged state will be difficult because the batteries recharged. If you can not immediately charge the battery when the battery is depleted, then you should turn off your device and set aside some time and then you can try turning on your device such.

Use of Charger

A component that cannot be separated from the battery is the charger. Do not use the charge with a brand that is not reliable. Use the official charger is usually provided a package with your device when you buy a gadget. If you are using another brand, then the battery can be quickly exhausted. Charger officially has been adapted to the needs of the Smartphone or the battery used. Charger that do not fit can make the battery is damaged because of the resultant power output does not match the needs of the battery.

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