Must-have Apps for Students

MT: Must-have apps for students

MD: There are plenty of apps that can make students’ life much easier. Give them a try, and simplify your studies, organize time and succeed in studies.

Number One Applications for Students

Life in a campus is a game changer in the life of any youngster. Flying the family nest, changing of the rules, freedom and new surroundings can seriously complicate all spheres of life. And here technologies come to the rescue: install these apps on your handheld device and it will help you a lot. So here are apps that will be definitely helpful to you:

Office Lens

This free app is a treasure for any student: with its help it is possible to convert texts on the pictures into the editable text that can be saved as a MS Word file.

Dragon Dictation

This free app for Apple devices helps students who are tired of constant typing – it gives a possibility to dictate emails and texts and convert voice into a text. The more you use it, the more accurate it will be as the app with adjust its settings to your voice, and, it can work with different languages.

Microsoft Office

It is a mobile app that copies all features of the desktop version of Microsoft Office. It goes for free, however, if you want to take an advantage of additional features like using WordArt on your mobile phone, you can get a subscription for Office 365 and it will open new features for a mobile app.

myHomework Student Planner

Students often get lost in the dates, times and classes because of the amount of information they receive every day. This app is a real panacea and can become your secretary as it tracks class and homework schedule, reminds about tests and you can access it through different platforms and devices.

Free Graphing Calculator

It is a godsend for any student of STEM disciplines: as the name suggests, this app works as a graphing calculator and, in addition, is able to work with 4 equations at once and makes tables.


IN case if you are in a deadlock with certain Math problem and require the answer only, then free version of this app is just for you. Take a picture of the equation and the app will find an answer, searching for solutions in many spheres from Basic Math to Calculus of Approximations. Paid version of this app is quite pricey, however, it shows not just the answer but the whole process of solving the problem with explanations.


At home a bounden duty of waking youngster up belongs to mother, but in campus students have to wake up on their own as well as develop many other useful habits that are helpful for a responsible life. This app encourages students to make useful habits by keeping track of achievements of up to five habits. User of the app can schedule certain task, distinguish a period of time and record every time when the task was completed. In addition, there is a possibility to set up a reward for developing a habit.


This app helps students who now have a possibility to spend money on their own not to send money down the drain. It is a kind of a set of digital envelopes that helps to make a budget – it is possible to divide money into categories like foods, entertainment, and transportation and so on, the categories are up to the users.


This app is a must-have not just for students: anyone can benefit from it. Evernote takes writing notes to another level, making them easily accessible, always at hand and organized. Admirers of hand writing can even make notes writing on the screen of the handheld device! You can upload all types of files and share your notes with classmates.


This is the app that even professionals like custom writers of are fond of. With help of EasyBib work on the arrangement of a bibliography for your academic paper will be easy as it is as all you have to do to scan a book’s barcode and select appropriate referencing style.

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