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China GrandGlass earlier Grand Engineer Glass (Zhongshan) Corporation Limited which was initially established in 1993. GrandGlass permanently focus on manufacturing glass processing and development, skilled projects all over Asia and China. GrandGlass is successively on highest class facilities, maximum effective management system, many product series, and confirming top quality goods for each client. The yearly volume for manufacture glass is up to 7.1 million SQM.

The company was documented as the Great and Fresh Technology Initiative by National. By way of the leading company of tempered glass manufacturer, GrandGlass has the capability and advantages including:

Best class services: American Billco and Finnish Glisten fully automatic glass cutting line, German Von Ardennes attractive controlled spluttering, Low-E glass production line, Austrian Lisec insulating glass production line, Finnish Glisten tempered glass production line they are the top class advanced equipment in the world.

What is the process of making Chinese safety tempered glass? What is the top-secret?

Tempered Glass is prepared by warming level glass to just under when it’s become softer at high temperature (650℃) and rapidly chilling it with planes of icy air. This outcome in the outside coverings below powerful compressive pressure and the inner side with severe flexible pressure. Insignificance, the influence applied to the glass will be overwhelmed by the compressive pressure on the outsides to guarantee the protection of users.

The proficient wrestler and varied martial artist, Reuben de Jong has a career-long winning line who was acknowledged in his native New Zealand by way of a heavyweight kickboxer.

Unluckily for de Jong, that string of record-breaking success stories came to a sudden — and very public — end when the strongman unsuccessful to breakdown his personal Guinness World Record for running over the most sheets of safety glass in below 1-minute.

De Jong overdrawn an enormous fifteen sheets of tempered glass in just 1-minute in 2009, but his new effort at seventeen sheets of glass (contained on what seems to be a Chinese stunt program) flops, producing the host to speculate whether the worth of the glass very good or the day’s temperature was very cold. The film of the onscreen blooper has since went exposed.

In several kinds of safety glass, Tempered glass is one of them available in the market. The usage is to evade possible danger when it breakdowns. The glass is conceded from a heat process that adds more durability to the glass and also creates it heat resistant. So, it is also called safety glass. This kind of safety glass has numerous usage in different areas of lives.

Uses of tempered glass:

The three common uses for tempered glass are given below:

China Grandglass

1. Construction

There are several rules and guidelines when it originates from the usage of glass, and native laws can exclude the usage of average glass. The service provider must make usage of tempered glass. Basically, the usage of Safety glass is all over the house.

The usage of tempered glass is to confirm maximum protection when it is used in sliding doors or frameless glass doors. Typically usage of the Safety tempered glass is outside the windows of numerous houses, specifically the recent all-glass frontage house, because of its toughness.

2. Home Appliances 

The tempered glass is used when the need for heat opposition and toughness. Possibly the most basics appliance that customs tempered glass is the microwave oven. The microwave oven has the ability to withstand a great quantity of heat. The tempered glass is a perfect advantage for a microwave oven. Another usage in the old baking oven since like a microwave oven, it wants to keep up with great amounts of heat.

Top companies such as Pyrex, Corelle, and Arch International, among others, make use of tempered glass in kitchen gears.

3. Commercial Uses

The usage of Tempered glass is to create escalators, phone booths, solar panels, glass bus stops, stairways, and even in some generous events. Numerous of these are spaces that we have consistent contact with.

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