How to build social media marketing for a brand new online business

social media marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the core part of SEO that will help you gain maximum popularity for your brand and business. It covers a wide range of audience all over the world and helps you gain web traffic eventually turning them into customers. Social media marketing refers to the act of sharing contents on social media for brand promotion and popularity. It can be in the form of video posts, podcasts, text, images or any kind of user-centric content.

It provides you the biggest platform to interact with the users about your brand to know about their expectations, suggestions, and grievances. The biggest social media platforms today for online promotion are Instagram and Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, and Myspace are also the biggest platforms for brand promotion.

Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

1. Chalk out the Plan

It is very important to have a goal that is specific, measurable, appealing, realistic and timed. Analyze which social media platforms will suit your business and what kind of people you are connected to. Go for keyword researching and know about the interesting user-centric content ideas that are going to attract the audience. Maintain a calendar for your daily posts and tweets in different social media platforms regularly, check out your competitor’s online presence and make a point to track your performance weekly and monthly to see the no of clicks, page views, likes, comments and develop your strategy as per that.

2. Maintain Consistency

Consistency is very important in social media marketing. You need to be consistent with your posts regularly on different platforms simultaneously to maintain your brand image. The more you will maintain consistency, more users will be interacting with you and it will develop trust in the process. You can share your success stories, blogs, conduct webinars, go live with your products and keep posting fun entertaining contents to keep the audience interested. You can go for social media campaigns, paid social media ads by Google and content marketing to build a stronger online presence.

3. Create Backlinks

Once you have achieved a moderate fan following base in social media, you can use reference links for other sources if it’s relevant to your business. It can be web pages, blogs or any product-centric page of your business or you can also refer to the external articles you feel it will attract the audience. This way you can build trust with external sources and even gain referral links in return. The users will also keep coming to your page and will build a level of trust with them.

4. Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics help you in identifying the success rate of your social media marketing strategies. With this online tool, you can monitor the user’s response in for each platform, track the performance of social media campaigns, analyze the source and content giving you maximum web traffic and also identify the strategies that are falling flat. Also with this tool also keep an eye on your competitors, their strategies used in online platforms to adopt something better than them.

Final Words

Social media marketing is one of the most successful SEO strategies for creating an online presence. If it is done correctly it will help you create a very strong fan base of your brand giving you high profits with potential customers.

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