How to Create Fresh Videos for a Sales Pitch with a Slideshow Maker

Steps to Successfully Use a Slideshow Maker in a Sales Presentation

It’s Monday, your calendar is full of meetings and you still have a ton of emails to reply to. It doesn’t stop there, you just realized you have a sales pitch tomorrow and don’t even have a draft on your mind.
Do not panic.

The truth is you don’t really need sophisticated equipment or an experienced marketing team right next to you to create a video that looks perfectly executed. Besides, you can do it all by yourself using an online slideshow maker.

Take a moment to plan your pitch because you can actually get a great, concise presentation done on time, following this step-by-step guide to know how to pick the information you need to highlight.

Plan Your Content

First things first. Write down everything you want to talk about in your slideshow. At this point, brainstorming is fine. Try to register every piece of information you’ll need to keep in mind for the pitch.

Also, take into consideration if you need pictures, logos, or any other visual elements to talk about your product.

Then narrow your ideas down to a few, make a list and highlight key terms you want to refer to. Those should be the words, numbers, and phrases you’ll use later in your picture slideshow maker.

After picking essential information, sketch an outline for what you want to talk about first. Make sure to include titles and short sentences. Remember a video slideshow should highlight some features and not be an extensive description.

Set Your Goal

Your main goal for this video should focus on the best-case scenario. Is this the first or the last pitch to finally convince someone to buy something or to seal a deal? Do you need to explain a process? Also, keep your numbers in mind. Are you doing this to sell more tickets? Is your business looking to attract new customers for the holiday season? Set a real, measurable goal.

If it’s still unclear, understand this goal should answer an elementary question: What exactly are you making this video for? After knowing this and making the video, hopefully, soon you’ll reach your goal.

Strategize and Set an Intention

Do you remember when you were in school, wrote essays and had to determine first if you wanted to be persuasive, expository, descriptive, or narrative in your writing? It’s the same for your pitch.

Of course, at this point it’s your job to sell an idea or a product, so you might want to use all of the above, just keep it simple and set a clear and strong goal.

Determine Your Audience

Now that you’ve set your goal, think about the people who you will be presenting to. Is your slideshow about a new product, an upgrade, or a service? By now you already have your target market all well-defined, but the audience for this pitch may be different.

For example, if you’re selling a new children’s toy that uses artificial intelligence and an app to operate it, but you’ll be pitching to a group of potential investors, you need to create content for them and leave young parents and kids out of this audience’s equation.

If you’re struggling to limit this pitch’s audience, start by briefly describing it. What do they do? Why are they meeting you for this specific presentation? Are they decision-makers? And, if possible, set your audience’s age and demographics.

Pro-tip: When using online tools, try using a slideshow maker with music in order to create a video that’s not only eye-catching but memorable for them. Be sure to include music that goes along with the mood and matches your brand’s personality as well.

For instance, if you’re introducing a wellness service, you might choose some relaxing, soothing beat, instead of rock.

To keep it fresh, you can also select a few animated graphics and fonts that work for your video, upload your logo and include beautiful pictures.

Create Your Slideshow

After setting all the essentials for your content, the slideshow will be just moments away from being done. In case you have zero clue about where to begin to create it, there are ready-to-use presets to get you on the right track for a cutting-edge presentation.

This should be the last, easiest and most fun part of the process. Use a slideshow creator and you’ll be ready to get the attention you need for your brand.

Besides following all these steps, consider this pitch should be quick and get to the point while persuading a group of people to make a decision, so the video and the presentation itself have to be more than enough to seal the deal.

Once you’ve downloaded the video, take some time to practice your pitch and be ready to sell!

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