New Way for Brain Development; Playing Lego, Building Designs and Creativity

Playing with Lego is like playing with our own mind. If we think for a second that designs of Lego is just another game for children or toddler, then we might have to think about it twice. Lego has been considered as one of many ways to develop our brains. It is one of many exercises that keep our brains maintained and healthy. Why is that so? Why is Lego able to create more creativity and contribute to technology? Here is why.

Lego to Control Ego

In these days, bursting our bad ego is even easier than hold it and swallow our pride. This one point can be considered where a Lego can contribute to human brain development. Playing and make designs of Lego can train our patience in building it. Even though one manual instruction says so, but the result depends on the self. Later did we know, we have gained so much patience once when we succeed in making a shape of it, forming it into something useful.

Lego and Color

It has been widely known that Lego is available in different color. Psychology will go along with games, vice versa; and when it comes to color of Lego, it provides all. The various color would maintain our left brain to keep thinking in more creative way. The last thing we know, this is why children love playing with Lego and making it as high as possible. Lego and color do match.

Designs of Lego

The designs of Lego are vary. There are even lots of even involved Lego and its players. They are not a beginner; they sure, are a pro. Starting from the simplest design they state their world in Lego world. Lego now has been made in various shapes; humans, plants, buildings, etc. One appropriate word might suit with it; fantastic. Lego can be our new or old friend, making it able for us to escape from internet or from reality for a while.

The technology games is now not only limited to internet or digital games; Lego can be our alternative to keep our brains healthy and hi-techno. Believe it or not, Lego has also been considered as one of the most favorite games in the world full with internet access. Try one time to play Lego and make designs of Lego and see how confusing, fun, happy, and amazing this game is.

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