The Importance and Advantages of Plagiarism Checker

Why must you scan your work for plagiarism?

Plagiarism checker for students may not be a popular software choice among students. Majority of them shy away from the software altogether due to their belief that their work is original. Thinking there is nothing for them to prove in the first place, students often mistake the purpose of using such tools.

This software is not meant to test whether or not you are honest, but rather to avoid mistakes. We are all humans, and thus are prone to mistakes whether we are aware of it or not. However, when these mistakes happen in an education setting, things may take the turn for the worst. This is exactly what this product is intended for.

Plagiarism checkers X as an effective solution

It’s not about testing honesty, it’s about avoiding unpleasant repercussions coming from plagiarism accusation. You may not know that similar topic or dissertation have already been discussed. You also may not be aware that a few points of delivery happen to be identical. When this issue arises, you may get the burnt for it.
Plagiarism checker for students is undoubtedly an effective tool to help students take their academic research seriously. By leaving no room for errors, they will be able to get the perfect score they have been longing for. Plagiarism checking software such as helps students certain of their work and feel confident about it.

The advantages of using plagiarism checker X

Students usually caught up in similarity without knowing the best tools they can use which are also completely free and safe to use. it is user-friendly and free is not the only advantage that this particular software has to offer. One of the main advantages is the fact that plagiarism checking software has more resources than search engine such as Google.

Rather than checking their work paragraph by paragraph through the online search engine, they can easily cross-check using plagiarism checking software. When it comes to cross-referencing, Plagiarism Checker X does not only offer larger public resources, they also offer the users to scan the content from the provided repository. Furthermore, online books, articles, and essay which are also part of the software making the product popular amongst students.

Not only that, these plagiarism scanners are also equipped with a vast library of essays and dissertations submitted by other students. All of these aspects undoubtedly contribute to a better and more reliable scanning. Another advantage is the fact that the software displays the exact content found matching with their database. This gives you the opportunity to quickly fix the section of your work.

Other benefits offered by the software                       

Plagiarism is a problem that has been a center of discussion for most of the academic world. The problem is faced by most of the University students while writing their assignments and thesis. Teachers also came across this problem to check for the duplication of the assignments of their students.

For these entire problems plagiarism, checker X comes across with a unique solution that has never been provided in the market before. Students can check their assignments for duplication and can correct the citations in their thesis. Teachers could also be benefited by its unique features and can save their time for doing other academic work.

Online Plagiarism (Full Reliability)

You can check your data online without worrying about the fact that your data may be uploaded to some other website. Your data privacy is a great concern for us.

Here is a link to our homepage where you can go through its features.

Side by Side comparison (Also Works Offline)

The specialty of this software is also that some features also work offline. You can do a side by side comparison even if you are not connected to the internet. For instance, if you have to check whether the students have copied their assignments with each other you can do a cross-check of the assignments and check for duplication.

Bulk Cross Comparison (Also Works Offline)

We know that your time is precious so we have built a feature which will save a huge amount of time. It can do a bulk search at the same time which makes it easier for the teachers to check multiple assignments at the same time and this features also helps scholars who have to do a bulk search of research for their thesis writing.


This Plagiarism checking software offers a few features that make it easy for you to spot mistakes, and even easier to fix. For students, it helps to automatically highlight every section where matches have been found. With the highlighted section, students can go straight to fixing the mistake they may have done. There is simply no need to look it up manually.

The software also provides students with the percentage of matches that have been found during the scanning. The amount of percentage it’s shown is not only restricted to matches but also similarities. This feature is incredibly useful considering the fact that universities typically have its own accepted percentage level that students must adhere to.


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