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Creating a website or blog is easy, today. Just use any services that you can find, either paid or free one, and make your website or blog. However, the most difficult part will come to you, after that. It is how to make your blog or website popular, increase its web traffic, and easy to find on search engine page. SEO technique is needed here. There are many techniques, by the way. Building backlinks are one of them.

What is Backlinks?

Backlinks are links that lead back to your website or blog. there are two types of backlinks you can find here. It is the one-way backlinks and two-ways backlinks. The one-way backlinks, just like its name, connect your website or blog to other blog or website. This backlink can be found on other website or blog.

The two-ways backlink is similar to the one-way backlink. However, you also put the link on your blog or website that will lead to the website or blog that use the link to your blog or website. this way your blog or website and the website or blog at the end of the link can get the benefits.

The Benefits of Backlinks

if we want to know the benefits of having many backlinks to our website or blog, firstly, you must know the reason to put the link that leads your visitor to other blog or website.

The main reason people use a link like that is to provide more reliable and detailed information for their visitor. that will help the visitor to get further information or explanation about the topic of your post.

For example, you write an article that explains many types of diet, such as the Mediterranean diet, Paleo diet, and many more. If you try to explain each of those types in one article that would be too long. So, the solution is putting the link to the reliable site that can explain each type. That way, if the reader interested to find more about the diet type, they just need to follow the link.

Now, try to imagine the opposite. Other website or blog put the links on their post that will lead their visitors to your website or blog. It can be meant that they see your website or blog as a reliable source to support their content. Google use this part to rank the website or blog on their search engine page.

Therefore, you need to pay more attention to backlinks building part. now, how to build backlinks for your website or blog? There are many methods you can use. Below, we have the BCC Interactive’s guide on how to build backlinks you can try. It’s quite effective. If you do it correctly, it will give you many benefits.

Tips to Build Backlinks

  1. Creating Original Content

With original content, other website or blog will try to use it. This will give you benefits from an SEO point of view. And, if you want to get more from it, you can try to make your content into infographic type content. Using image, slides, or video, you can improve your content quality. Thus, there will be more blog or website that will try to link their content to your content.

  1. Forum Links

You can use the forum that has a similar topic like what you use on your blog or website. You can place the link to your website or blog on your profile or the message that you post on that forum. It will help you to build the backlink. When the other user follows that link, they will find out that your website or blog is useful. So, there is a big chance that they will use the link on their content.

  1. Social Media

You also can use social media. It’s similar to the forum link. You can place it on your profiles as well as content that you post on your social media.

  1. Using Niche Directories

You can register your website or blog to the online directories. If you do this, they will create a backlink to your website or blog. The effect won’t be as good as other methods. But, by putting your place on specific directories, Google can easily categorize your website. then, Google can suggest the people that looking similar niche to your website.

Those are 4 simple methods you can use to build backlinks. Of course, the first one, where you have to create original and relevant content is the most important one. Without it, the visitor won’t visit your place again.

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