Why is an expensive screen protector not worth to buy

If $6 screen protector supplies the same advantages as the $40 one what you will choose? Of course the $6 one and good senses always say so. But can that happen at all?

Let’s take you through this –

These days one cannot think a life without Smartphone. People love their gadgets and glued to them all the time. Smartphone or cellphone whatever name you can call it needs special care and protection which is beneficial for consumers like you in the long run.

Tempered glass screen protector is the best and smartest way to take precaution that can protect and takes care for your beloved Smartphone. We are sure you have a brand new Smartphone in your possession and some of you also have Tablet popularly known as TAB. We are also sure that about the fact that you are looking for best option to protect your gadget. So, how can you assure yourself that you are buying the best screen protector? These days everyone is talking about tempered glass screen protector to secure their cellphone’s future but how can one be so sure about the fact that they are investing on best-tempered glass screen protector?

High or Low?
There is a proverb we all know, “All glitters are not gold’ which actually shines every shining object is not worth millions. In the same line you cannot assure yourself that even if you are paying high price for tempered glass screen protector for your phone is good enough and does the justice to its price. Let’s search the Google just to know the available prices of tempered glass screen protector – We may find the price as high as $40 for one tempered glass screen protector. Now the question remains, does the price worth for expensive screen protector?

Manufacturer like MPG TEMPERED GLASS has different answer for this. In order to create most effective and durable tempered glass screen protector the company is producing different types of high-quality tempered glass screen protectors at very decent price range. You may wonder how the company is able to deliver such a wide range at those price tags but believe it this is possible.

False Notion?
However, as we said earlier in this article that in that people have notion that more is the cost better is the price. In reality, this is not always the truth.

How to Decide?
First thing that comes to anyone’s mind before buying any product is – Quality. Good or bad makes all the differences and its same for tempered glass screen protector. Everyone must remember that best-tempered glass screen protector always passes through strict quality control tests and highly-advanced production process.

But buyers need to ensure how effective the glass screen protector is for their cellphones.  First thing one can do is to inspect and search for the specifications and functions that are required for the gadget he is using.
 If everything matches the criteria then you have nothing to worry about. But what you will do when the product fails to match your criteria? All you have to do is to search all over again and if you ready to dig deep in your pocket and ready to shell-out good amount of money then you might get a good one. Again, these are all probability we are talking about in reality you may not get what you want despite spending the amount more than your expectation.

The prime quality for a screen protector is to provide best possible security & smooth touch sensitivity to your cellphone and for that you need not to waste huge money.
The TRUTH is almost all kinds of tempered glasses that are now getting manufactured after the very first variation has all the functions and features to support your latest cellphone and tabs.
So, you can basically choose any type of latest tempered glass screen protector without thinking about the price tag.
Stay Out of the Illusion as most of the companies under the name of their brands is offering the same product. Moreover, you don’t need special and unique screen protector for a particular Smartphone brand because almost all tempered glass protectors are capable of protecting all the Smartphones. Yes, your phone’s visibility won’t affect too if you buy a comparatively low-priced product. Remember just the price is low not the quality.  

It’s high time to give a second thought about high-priced product and brand like Zagg. There is nothing very special about $40 priced tempered glass screen protector. Unless you have the proof you may think of not considering their tall claims about quality, feature and performance.

On the other hand, you can always go with a $6 screen protector and experience very same features without damaging your bank balance.

Note of Caution
One can buy high priced or low-cost tempered glass screen protector but faults can arise from both the segments. Remember if the product is faulty it won’t work at all and you will never get the service from it you are expecting.

Your Criteria Should be
a) Complete protection for your phone
b) Smooth touch sensitivity
c) Long lasting
Believe it or not a $6 screen protector can give all the above mentioned features same as $40 products.
MPG TEMPERED GLASS can give you excellent and feature-packed tempered glass screen protector a little over $6. If wholesale,the price would be more lower.Yes you can get features like olephobic coating and anti-fingerprint within this price range.

Remember, not even $40 product from any brand in this world can give you lifetime guarantee, so why waste so much money?

Moral of this article – High-Price must not dictate your decision of buying tempered glass screen protector.

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