Li-Fi; Internet Access Technology in 100 Times Faster than Wi-Fi

Everyone should welcome the new technology in internet access. It is named LI-Fi, the next internet access technology that will alternate Wi-Fi that is used generally nowadays. The new technology will enable the internet users to access internet in 100 times faster than Wi-Fi can give. The scientists said that the speed can reach up to 1 Gbps in the real world access; something that will never disappoint you to access anything that needs high speed. Even you can download a high definition movie file in just a few seconds.

As written on the IBTimes UK, Velmenni is the company that study the technology and they will realize it soon. The technology has been taken out in the real world offices, industrial environments, and labs in Estonia. Those places were chosen because they have had computerizing technology that are appropriate for the super internet speed.

The data transmissions by Li-Fi are done through LED lights that can flick on and off in nanoseconds, something that is unnoticeable by the human’s eyes. The internet access technology was invented in 2011. When it is accessed in the lab, the internet speed technology can be accessed in mind blowing speed achievement; up to 224 Gbps.

However, the super fast internet speed of Li-Fi also has some cons. One of the cons is the inaccessible internet signal if it is blocked by a wall. We know that WiFi technology is accessible even though it is blocked by walls. The LED lighting internet signal technology can’t penetrate the walls. It means that the internet access technology is limited in range theoretically. Nevertheless, this technology is actually safer than Wi-Fi because the external sniffing potential is much smaller.

For the pros and cons of Li-Fi technology, it is more appropriate for smart home appliances. By applying this technology in a smart home in the future, the LED lightbulbs will have double functions; to light the room and providing network for the homeowners to access the internet.

Velmeni is not the only company that brings the internet access technology Li-Fi to their customers. Other companies like pureLiFi and Oledcomm also use the technology, including Harald Haas, the inventor of the technology. The companies provides adopters for customers to install Li-Fi networks so they can have the super speed internet access at home and office. The PureLiFi provides the adopter that can provides speeds up to 10 Mbps. So, will you have the internet access too?

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