Does Hiring Remote Workers Increase Company’s Productivity

Before the pandemic, businesses didn’t allow employees to work remotely, fearing they would procrastinate, get distracted easily, and not get much work done. 

However, several studies have been conducted in the past few months that relay that hiring remote workers is an excellent decision. 

In fact, people who work from home are more consistent, put in more hours, and get more work done. While this may not sound believable to you, it’s true. 

Compared to working from the office before the pandemic, 57 percent of tech employees reported being more productive working from home.

Source: Statista

Big enterprises like Quora, Shopify, Basecamp, Drift, and Upwork have permanently adopted a 100 percent remote work model.

But while these companies have decided to build a remote workforce for the long term, is hiring remote workers an intelligent decision for your business?

Yes, it is. Here are statistics about performance and productivity that can attest to that.

Performance Can Increase Up to 13 Percent By Working Remotely

Stanford conducted a study with 16,000 people over nine months which reported that working remotely increased productivity by 13 percent. 

They attributed this boost in performance to two specific reasons:

  1. Having the freedom to build their own ideal workspace 
  2. Working additional hours because of fewer breaks and sick days.

The study also found that hiring remote workers increased job satisfaction and cut the attrition rate by 50 percent. 

Working From Home Can Boost Productivity By Up to 77 Percent

According to a survey by ConnectSolutions, hiring remote workers showed an increase in productivity of 77 percent of the respondents. Additionally, 30 percent said they got more work done in less time.

Hiring Remote Workers vs. Working From the Office— What’s the Difference?

The statistics mentioned above may have helped you acknowledge how hiring remote workers can increase the company’s productivity as a whole. To understand why this happens, here is a list of factors that make remote workers more productive working from home.

1. No Commute

Whether it’s 20 minutes or an hour, traveling during peak traffic hours comes with a lot of unnecessary stress. Hiring remote workers implies that your employees can start their work early since they don’t have to take the time to drive to the office. 

They can get their work done during their most productive hours, whether it’s 1 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning.

A survey report by Airtasker stated that, on average, remote workers save around 8.5 hours a week by not traveling to work. For a year, this number adds up to 408 hours.

2. Fewer Distractions

Office employees spend a lot of time chit-chatting with their coworkers. Working from home drastically reduces the time people waste with idle conversations when they’re on the clock.

Hiring remote workers ensures that your employees aren’t distracted by constant interruptions from coworkers or a noisy work environment.

3. Time For Other Interests

With daily travel out of the picture, remote workers find it easier to spend time exercising, pursuing other interests, or starting a side hustle. 

This interest outside of work gives them the chance to turn their mind from work-related stress and refresh before they get back to work.

4. Better Physical and Mental Health

Hiring remote workers ensures they have the flexibility to create their own schedules. This allows them to spend more time with their friends, family, and pets. They can dedicate more time to exercise and stay fit.

A Work-life Relationship survey by FlexJobs reported that 85 percent of people have said working remotely improved their mental health, reduced their stress level, and enabled them to take better care of themselves.

5. Design their Own Workspace

Remote employees can design a work environment that encourages them to be more productive.

They can listen to music on speaker, or even dim the lights and work with a table lamp! They know what fuels their productivity, and working from home gives them the freedom to do whatever they want. They’re intrinsically motivated to work more.

This freedom makes it feel less like work and more personal. 

6. Maximum Productivity

On average, remote workers have put in 16.8 extra days every year than employees who’ve worked from the office.

In fact, 86 percent of people prefer to work by themselves to achieve maximum productivity, reported

If working by themselves ensures high productivity, hiring remote workers is the best decision you can make for your company.


The changes that have happened after the pandemic has helped businesses realize how beneficial it is to build a global workforce. After reading through the blog, you must now understand that hiring remote workers is the key to boosting your company’s productivity and performance.

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