Panasonic PBX System to Provide Reliable Phone System for Business in Dubai

Running a business will need a lot of supporting elements, include the phone system. Panasonic PBX system is the reliable and flexible phone system help business owners run their company smoothly.

About the Phone System

The Panasonic PBX system is specially designed to provide a phone system that will make it possible for the company to efficient communication options both across the time zones and locations. The system offers various products for office communications that include a simple digital system and also IP with advanced technology and based on the platform of a communication network. The product perfectly makes use the combination of IP telephony and traditional telephone system’s benefits. It also comes with functionality and friendly features as well as the capability to fulfill all the company needs related to the communication system. The product also uses analog telephone system that enables the users to gradually change to the IP phone system. This phone system from Panasonic also uses a flexible call management which is combined with the several terminal lines-up to make it possible for the users enjoy maximum benefit from the wireless communication system. It also integrates the business communication management to help the business owners to reduce costs and increase the efficiency at the same time.

The Platform of the Communication System

The Panasonic PBX system comes with a unified communication platform that is mainly addressed for small and medium-sized business to enjoy the advanced communication system with a relatively low budget. With the platform offered, it is hoped the companies will be able to provide efficiency and improve the customers’ satisfaction. However, despite the benefits that can be enjoyed by the small and medium-sized companies, the system can also be applied to big sized business too. It comes with sufficient capacity both for IP ports and legacy to make it possible for the users to expand the system whenever it is necessary. There are various options offered by the system include instant messaging (chat), e-mail, integrated voicemail, presence information, and mobile linking.

The Series of the Phone System

There are some series which are included in the Panasonic PBX system. Each of them has their own strengths and features that are different from one to another.

  1. KX NS series

The series offers system configurations which are not only reliable but also flexible system configurations. This will allow the phone system to combine the legacy and IP system freely to improve cost-effectively. This KX NS Dubai series comes with various interesting features to opt. The system will enable the users to get an email from the system telling that they receive new message voices. The users can also opt to receive the message voices as attachment files or forwarded.

  1. TDA and TDE series

The series is specially designed to help the users to improve their business by providing a solution which is created to fulfill the changing needs in the company’s communication system. It comes with business productivity applications, wireless mobility, a common infrastructure, and network solutions to make it easier for the system to connect to all the users, whenever and wherever they are.

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