8 Top Apps Every College Student Should Have in 2017

College life is an exciting and busy time; between classes, sports, sororities and fraternities, and all the other extracurricular activities, you can easily lose track. In an effort to help college students get better organized for success, several applications have been designed with the help of our expert at essayshark.com.

Since there are so many tools available, we went out to find the best. Here is a list of the 8 top apps which make college life easier:

Self control

One of the easiest ways you can get distracted from studying or doing your research online is the temptation to visit other sites especially the entertainment sites, and once you are in then there goes your study time. What if you found a way to keep from getting distracted?

Have a tool to help you keep away from other temptations while studying; it regulates and blocks off certain websites from being accessed when it is study time. Time for movies or your friends will no longer interfere with your studies.

Dragon Dictation

Did you know that there is a way of getting those many papers and essays dispensed with without clicking a key on your keyboard, and do it even faster? Download an alternative to typing that can let you dictate your essays and cut your completion time in almost half; this app and dictate your paper though a microphone. All you will be left with is editing.


What you do not want, for an easy time in college, is not knowing where you stored your notes or part of it; keeping them centrally in one place where you will be able to access them whenever you want is the ideal thing to do.

This is tool will have your notes, research and any other academic resources stores in one place for easy access and what’s better is that it is able to sync with all the devices you may have like a tablet or phone so that you can use your work anywhere at any time.

Rate My Professor

One of the first things to do will be picking your courses. If you want to know more about your teachers, how well they teach, their assignments load and the like, this app through its professors’ ratings will give you their profiles.

You will easily pick classes that are not too demanding- after all, who wants that? You will be able to go through your lessons in a breeze and leave you with enough time to do all other things like hanging out with your friends, attending frat meetings etc.


Sometimes a lesson may not be clear enough or is not well explained. If you want an alternative view to what you are being taught or want things explained better this tool you want.

You will access many lectures, presentations and lessons by other teachers at top universities all over the world. A different teacher may help explain things better and give you more in depth understanding and can even help you make up for classes you have missed.


University education is a different ball game from what you experienced in high school; most lecturers will not take the time to spoon feed you the basics of most concepts, because they expect that you should have learned them already. Professors introduce advanced concepts and cruise through them yet you may not be getting anything; this tool can help you learn a new or refresh your memory of the basics so that college lessons are not a misery for you.

Wolfram Alpha

If there is anything like a statistics encyclopedia, then this is it. Even better is that it is a search engine that will get you any statistical information to help with your assignments, research and general knowledge without rummaging through several leaves of papers in search of information and saving you loads of time.


This is the diary and calendar of a college student; it will remind you of what you should be doing, where and on what day. Keep disorganization at bay or put a lid on your forgetfulness by being on top of the things you need to do, do them on time and be ahead of your tasks always.

Signing off……..

These tools are sure to make your life a lot easier but more important, successful in your academic work while still balancing time for the other things you want to do.

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