What You Need to Understand About Mobile Number Tracker

Mobile phone is very common nowadays and almost everybody has at least one. As the most important means of communication nowadays, you certainly cannot be apart with your mobile phone. Unfortunately, there are times when the sound of your mobile phone ringing can be very annoying, especially if an unknown number keeps calling you.

Thankfully, you can use online mobile number tracker service to track down who calls you. It is also very simple. You simply need to enter the mobile number to track the owner and it literally only takes seconds to do.

There are many benefits you can get from this service. If there is an unknown number who calls and bugs you all the time, once you have track the number, you will be able to know what you should do about it.

Furthermore, sometimes the annoying calls can turn into something even more dangerous. Maybe you have some bad experiences where a random number call or text you with scary threats. While it is best to report it to the police immediately, you might be curious regarding the whereabouts of the caller.

However, mobile number tracker is not only useful to track prank callers. When you are too busy and cannot check your phone, there are times when you will miss some incoming calls. If you are running a business or waiting for an important call, every incoming call is precious. So, when an unknown number calls you and you are not fast enough to pick it up, tracking the number to know who calls you will be very important.

Phone number tracker is a nice thing and you definitely can feel its advantage. But before you use it, make sure you know what this service is capable of and what its limitations are.

Important Facts about Mobile Number Tracker

1. You Can See the Location and the Operator of the Mobile Number

Phone numbers are created in this format AAAA-BBBBBB. The A indicates the network operator and the B is the subscriber number. When you input the number you want to track, the tracker will analyze the first four number of the phone number, which is shown by the letter A in this example. As a result of this analysis, there are two information that will be displayed, the operator and also the location of the number.

Now, please don’t get the meaning of the “location” the tracker shows wrong. When the tracker shows that a number comes from a certain city, it means the phone number is registered in that area. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the caller and the number is currently residing in that area. Furthermore, to make figuring out the location of the number easier, some tracker service also will point the location on the Google Maps.

2. It Is Not A Breach of Privacy

From the previous point, we can conclude that there are two things you can figure out about the number you want to track. It is the service provider and the location where the number was registered. So, does that mean you will not be able to know who the phone number belongs to?

Well, unfortunately the answer to that question is yes. Phone number tracker will not be able to display the name of the owner. This is because the data displayed in mobile number tracker are taken from TRAI, which can be accessed publicly. On the other hand, the name of the owner of a certain phone number is a personal data and it cannot be shared publicly.

Maybe you feel disappointed because of this. Your goal to use the tracker is to be able to know who calls you. But since the tracker cannot give you that crucial information, probably you feel like losing the biggest piece of the puzzle.

However, the fact that the tracker cannot display personal data actually benefits you. If you are able to know such a personal information about someone just by putting their phone number on an online tracker, it is actually a breach of privacy and it is illegal. If you can do it to other people, it means other people can do the same to you, and you definitely will be uncomfortable about that.

Mobile number tracker is indeed very helpful to some extent. By knowing the operator of the number, if you feel really bothered by a prank or threat call, you can inform the operator and request them to block the number. You can also call the police if the unknown calls are really affecting your life and safety.

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