Tips for Twitter Marketing

For those of you who run a business, learning how to use Twitter to market your products can be a little challenging. “Twitter Social Media for Business,” that’s how it’s called. But need no worries, Here are several tips you should keep in mind when using Twitter to promote your business:


As with learning anything else, get yourself used to trial and error. Trying only can move us forward. So keep trying new things.

Know what to do with accounts

Not only must you create Twitter accounts, you must use them. Some companies created accounts just to let people know that they are on Twitter, but they must realize that they should use it to build relationship with them.

Distinguish your company networks

Many Twitter profiles are completely impersonal and do not connect anything with the image they have or want to get.

Share interesting content

You need to know that before giving your brand and products, you should offer your followers valuable content. If you offer information that interests them, users will be more open to meet your brand and know what you have to say. Do not expect to receive anything, constantly giving. If you did well you will naturally get the attention you want.


To be successful with social networks, you need to have collaboration. Each element of the company should have accounts for the same objective. All parts of the company should be in sync and recognize their function to work effectively as a network.

Be active

Instead of just liking the fans, you should take action because the idea of creating social networking is for you to engage actively with them. Make your audience familiar with your product or company through twitter. To have a good interaction with them, share the right content. Find out what they want and like.

Share valuable content

Provide content that encourage your audience to share it with their friends. This way you create an active audience.

Listen to customers

The message is the key when using Twitter. Listen to what your customer wants and provide and offer that. Any content that you share with them should be something that does not leave them indifferent. Offer what the consumer wants; it doesn’t have to be the product itself, but making them feel connected with you and your company is also necessary.

Build a network

The first thing you must know when it comes to social networks is where your posisition is and who must interact with you and how. You can try professional social networks like LinkedIn to find a good access to the people that might be just the right audience for you.

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