3 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Web Design

Web Design is a complex process that can take time to implement effectively as it requires a vast amount of planning. However, by using an agency and tracking through Google Analytics you can monitor this and make changes as a result. In this article, we will be looking into web design as a result.

Your Call To Actions Are All Wrong

One of the biggest changes that you can make for your website is to make the call to actions work and stand out. Whether this is to download a newsletter or signing up for a weekly subscription, it is important to ensure that the call to action is in bold text and stands out. This is needed as this will help you to boost the overall capability of your website bring in new audiences.

In order for a call to action to be effective, you need it to be punchy and make them stand out. Whether this is at the end of the blog, the bottom of a contact page or in an email marketing campaigns, you need to perfectly time your call to actions and place them in the correct space. By enlisting the help of a web design Essex agency, you can implement them correctly whilst monitoring the results.  

Your Site Has Too Much Going On

Another thing you may be doing wrong with your website is having too much going on. Whether it is to much content or too much JavaScript for websites and pop-ups, this can all slow down the speed of the site as well as make it look disjointed. This can hurt the website and the way that your customers interact with your website.

By restricting the number of popups and the amount of Java on the website you can limit the disruption that is placed on your website. In addition to this, it is important to consider the colour themes that you have on your website, this can be a problem for the website as it can be unappealing to audiences and lead them to go elsewhere for their information and products. Therefore, looking at your site and designing it with the support of web design agency to cater to the audience can help you to grow and improve click-through rate.

You Have Ads In All the Wrong Places 

The final element that you could be doing wrong is having ads in all the wrong places. Whether this is within the content or all around the borders, this can put a customer off when using the website. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your website is readable and ensure that the website has adverts in the right place. This is key as this will improve the click-through rate and bounce rate and help to boost Google SERP rankings.

With this in mind, there are several steps for you to consider to not only build the website and make it work efficiently but also boost the CTR and decrease the bounce rate as a result. Which of these will you be implementing when it comes to designing your website?

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