A detailed Guide to eVisa for India

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India is and is continuing to be a traveler’s destination. The reason behind this is because of the tremendous actions that their government has implemented over the years. Regardless of the fact those citizens of the countries such as Nepal or Bhutan can enter this country without the need for a Visa, you may need one. Citizens of Maldives can as well enter India freely and stay for up to 90 days but under certain conditions.

People from other countries of the world will need an Indian Visa to enter the country. Besides the previous tedious methods of getting a visa to enter India, today there’s something they call eVisa for India. In this short guide, we are going to guide you along with eVisa for India and answer some of the questions you have in mind about the same.

What is the eVisa to India?

In simple terms, eVisa is an official document that is issued electronically by the Indian Immigration Office to allow entry to the country. You will find some people referring to it as Electric Travel Authorization or simply ETA. This move came as an alternative to the paper Visa which was taking a lot of time to process and authorize.

Indian eVisa Categories

There are many categories of the Indian eVisa as discussed below:

  • eTourist Visa-This is an issuance of all the people that have ultimate intentions of visiting India as Tourists. The vast majority usually request for this type of eVisa. This can be requested for a period of 30 days, 365 days and even 5 years.
  • eBusiness Visa-This is for those people that are travelling for commercial and business reasons. The duration for this is 365 days.
  • eMedical Visa for those people travelling for medical reasons
  • e-Conference Visa for people travelling to attend a conference. The duration for this is 30 days.

Who can apply for eVisa to India?

The eVisa for India can be requested by citizens of 169 countries. However, the lists of those countries can vary over the time depending on the current relation between the two countries.

How much will you pay for the Indian eVisa?

The price in this case will depend on several factors as discussed below.

  • Duration of stay in India-This is very obvious, the longer you want to stay the more you will pay.
  • The period of travel-The time of the year you travel can as well affect the price of eVisa. Most travel experts advise travelling somewhere between April and June. During these times, the visa costs about $10.
  • Nationality-where you came from can as well affect the price of Indian eVisa. For some nationalities, the eVisa is Free but to others they will have to pay a lot to get the eVisa.

Where to use eVisa to India

You may not be allowed to use any airport, border point or port using this kind of electric visa to India. It is only possible to enter the country through the authorized immigration control points. These are the main airports and ports in the country.

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