Protect your online activities by using VPN.

How to protect your online activities by using VPN-

The Internet users and usage has witnessed an unprecedented growth in recent years. Now everything and anything is possible to do by using the Internet. Whether you shop online, transfer money from your bank account to some others bank accounts, paying bills or even looking for your bribe or a broom is become very common. But the more Internet you use, the more digital footprints you leave.

Now, what is digital Footprint? Digital footprint is a special kind of marking your leave when access something on the internet, From something I mean to say anything. Now these special markings can be exploited by hackers to get your personal information, mostly your passwords of your bank account and credit card details.

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You may think that may be true, but that can’t happen with me I keep really long password and I also frequently change then guys I have to tell you that’s not enough. Cyber criminals are always one step ahead of us. So, next question would be that if it is all true then how you can save your valuable information from those hackers, well the ultimate answer the question is VPN (Virtual Private Network).

How is VPN useful in protecting your personal information –

A VPN uses different encryption technologies. It typically create a virtual tunnel between your device and the VPN server. While accessing anything on the internet your information won’t be bleached by someone else because the information will be secured in the tunnel. That’s how a VPN works. Without this your personal information can be tracked by anyone because it’s not encrypted. Moreover, a VPN also helps as it will turn your valuable information into unreadable codes and other than that it also changes your location to do not leave anything for the hackers to breach you.

If I just concentrate on VPN, there is another concern related to them which is not that nice. VPN keep records of your online activities themselves, So you may ask yourself tat isn’t that breaching my personal information anyhow? Well if you have that impression then it is not wrong. To you can check the terms and conditions before signing up with that VPN, all this will be useful if privacy is your real concern.

Most of the VPN’s work as an Application your device, not all of them but the majority of them works like that only. Also it most of them will support Android and iOS platforms.

What else can be expected from a VPN –

Well, VPN is also popular for changing unlimited IP addresses on the ISP along with the country of yours. Which is very useful sometimes because many services are not available in every country. So if any website or Application is not available in your native country then you can change it for good, so that you can access that particular service.

A normal VPN is also handy in peer to peer protocol. I mean to say the protocol which is used by Torrentz to get more bandwidth of internet as a seeder. Other than that it allows to connect 5 devices at the same time, unlimited bandwidth, no traffic logs, encrypt WiFi.

Do not confuse CDN with VPN. CDNs are designed to deliver the static content from the closest point to the user. They also help the site owners by providing protection my bots, DDoS attacks and optimizing load times. If you want to know more about it, read this article about choosing the best CDN. However, CDNs are not made to protect you. They use cookies to track the data usage and can leave your identity wide open to spying or data mining.

One more very useful can be MACE if while surfing Internet you feel annoyed the by the ads then you can use MACE which works an adblocker and will block all the annoying ads.

Final Verdict –

Finally, guys I want to say that the information which is mentioned above will be definitely useful for you to keep your Internet usage safe and secure. A VPN is a tool which is must for all the Internet freak people out there who spend more time online, not offline. The information is not for any wrong usage. It’s just for educational purpose.

So, thus was my views on protecting your online activities by VPN. Please share your views and questions about the article in the comment section.

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