6 Reasons You Should Be Using Real Photos on Your Business Website

In content marketing, it is important to always source fresh photos. However, it seems like a lot of companies would rather use stock photos for their websites instead of having their own photos or hiring their own digital photographer.

In other companies, this process may be skipped altogether. They can even choose not to have photos, or insert graphics instead of actual photos. According to expert photographer Summit Shah, this is a critical mistake that some companies commit. Not only does it cost businesses their branding, it may also cost them their clients.

This article covers some reasons why companies should be using actual photos on their business website.


6 Reasons You Should Be Using Real Photos on Your Business Website

1. Real photos are more engaging.

Since photos capture actual events, people, or objects, they are more engaging and are more identifiable to your audience. This increases user engagement, which helps people read or view your content better. For example, a blog that shows pictures of actual people or situations can be more engaging than those which use graphics, as people always want to learn about true-to-life events or those that happen in actuality.

In fact, it is more engaging to read content from a business that has 2-3 photos in their blogs compared to others who simply have a large wall of text. People are just drawn to pictures, because as the saying goes, “A picture paints a thousand words“. There are more things that a picture can bring compared to delivering your message through mere words.


2. Real photos present credibility.

Using real photos can also present your credibility. It is more ideal for a company to build their brand by using photos made by a private photographer compared to those who get their picture from stock websites. This is because some stock websites have free images which are simultaneously used by other blogs or competing companies.

When people see that you use these images that have been duplicated in other sites, it can present you as an amateur business that uses free photos in your content. This may be damaging to your reputation if you desire to be a top-tier company. Having real photos can build your credibility especially if you’re in the business, media, consulting, or tech industry.


3. Real photos help people understand who you are as a company.

Another way to use real photos is to show who you are as a business. For example, you would want pictures of your physical office, your staff, or your establishment. It is important not just to describe it, but also to show your future clients what are they to expect from your business.

This is helpful for companies who are in the education, healthcare, or other service-oriented industry. Manufacturing or retail companies may also benefit from real photos as it shows the potential customers what the product looks like. Since online selling means that they cannot actually hold or inspect the product, it is important to always have high-quality photos on your website.


4. Real photos can depict actual situations.

Real photos can also show actual situations when needed. Some readers are interested to see what is going on in your business. A person can simply claim anything and blurt out some statements, but this information can easily be exaggerated or twisted. However, a real photo proves a lot of things. It can show how your business has grown, and it can also show that you can support your statements.

This is helpful for businesses in the news industry, as well as big brands that want to care for their branding strategy. It is essential not to simply just write content, but to also have the pictures to prove that your content is reliable and represent actual situations.


5. Real photos can be less expensive.

In many instances, real photos can even be less expensive compared to hiring digital artists who can create graphics for you. Though these two have different functions, it can be cheaper to have real photos because the processing effort it takes to complete them is significantly less. Digital graphics may take time to make, especially if it’s from scratch. Real photos are never made from scratch since it represents an actual situation in the environment. This means that post-processing only involves editing features such as lighting, color, and other simpler details.


6. Real photos are more multi-dimensional.

Real photos are also multi-dimensional. What does this mean? Real photos can be easily used for content in other forms of media such as slideshows for videos, photos for blogs, social media posts, and many others. It can be versatile and quickly transported from one platform to another seamlessly.

As you ponder on the reasons why real photos should be a part of your content marketing strategy, consider that the key principle is always to bring engagement. As you prioritize engagement, you can bring in more potential clients to your business.


Author Bio: Adrian Rubin is a graphic designer and freelance writer that always encourages his clients to use real photos on their business websites.

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