What is a Car Buying Service?

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Congratulations! You’ve got a loan approved for a new vehicle, and you’re ready to start your search. Yet, you’re not overly excited about dealing with car salesmen or going from dealership to dealership. Then, there are spending hours searching online for a car that you might like, but you’re unsure of.

If you’re feeling all this, then there might be a solution for you: a car buying service.

What is it? How does it work? What are the costs and benefits of these services? Our guide here is going to break down all the key questions that come with this popular service.

The Ultimate Guide to a Car Buying Service

What is Car Buying Service?

Also known as car concierge service, this type of car buying service helps you find a car model within your area, for a price you want, saving you time and money. Much like the concierge title, it does the hard work for you.

How does a Car Buying Service Work?

In many cases, you will have to submit a form detailing the types of vehicles you want, including the price and areas. The concierge, or in newer services, the search engine, will provide you with a list of cars, directly from the dealerships, based on your preferences. You’ll receive an email with an extensive list of your preferred cars, allowing you to schedule an appointment to view or test drive the car. If you’re happy with it – buy the car!

What are the Benefits of a Car Buying Service?

There are several key benefits that come with using a car buying service:

  • You’ll save time and money searching for a car yourself
  • You’ll get a list of cars that only you’ll like, saving you the time and hassle
  • The experts behind the car service have industry experience and knowledge, so they can ensure you get a car you want
  • You may get a better deal on new or used cars
  • Enjoy skipping the headache of negotiating
  • You still have the chance to drive and test the vehicle, which means you know what to expect from it. Most importantly, you’ll only be driving vehicles you like

There are some drawbacks that come with using this service, including the cost of the service (you could do it yourself), the limitations of the cars you’ll get, and the potential you’ll get vehicles from dealerships in alignment with the concierge service.

How Much Does a Car Buying Service Cost?

Prices can vary massively. You could spend as little as $100 to as much as $1000. It all depends on the quality, experience and types of cars the service offers (eg. Used cars are obviously cheaper than newer cars, so, therefore, the service might be cheaper). In some cases, you might pay a flat membership fee, while in other situations, you might pay a joining fee then a percentage of the purchase (usually quite minor).

How do I Find the Best Car Buying Service?

Follow these tips when it comes to finding the best car buying service (https://carismo.co/):

  • Read reviews about the service from former customers. You’ll get a great insight into what you’ll experience working with them.
  • Contact them directly and ask them any questions you might have about their service. This way, you’ll get answers on anything from price to customer service.
  • See what kind of cars they offer. Some car services target a distinct market, such as high-end cars to family vehicles. Do your research to see if they cater to your unique needs.
  • Try it! If there is an opportunity to try for free, or if you get money back after a period of time, then do it. Nothing counts better than having firsthand experience.

The Bottom Line

A car buying service might be the best way for you to find your dream car for your drive price. You’ll save time, money and the hassle of finding a car; instead you’ll be just be test driving it – and, of course, buying it! Even if you go forward with a car-buying service, it’s best if you do still some of your own research to determine if you’re getting a good deal or not. Use this guide to find out more about which car buying service in Canada could be the best fit for you.

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