Tips to Facilitate Efficient Cleaning and Maintenance of the Grease Trap in restaurants

The continued use of a restaurant’s grease trap results in a buildup of debris and gunk that you should remove. A buildup in the grease trap causes various problems like slippery surfaces that may lead to falls, and foul smell. This buildup can also increase the risk of grease fires.

Hiring a professional grease trap cleaning company helps eliminate these risks. It also guarantees compliance with kitchen safety and cleanliness regulations in the restaurant sector. Finding the best solutions that work for your facility can be a difficult task.

If you are struggling to get a viable solution for processes in your restaurant, UCO industries experts will assist. Here are tips to help you clean and maintain the grease trap in your facility. 

Inspect the Installation

If you will use a garbage disposal in your kitchen, you may want to have the garbage disposal fitted in after your grease trap. In case your garbage disposal is fitted first, then food sludge will fill the grease trap.

When this happens it could affect the capability of your grease trap. Ensure the grease trap is the ideal size for your needs before the installation process. Various factors will determine the right grease trap size, as seen below.

  • The type of food and amount your kitchen cooks
  • The number of employees you have employed to wash utensils
  • The average number of customers visiting your facility 

Install Strainers

Install strainers in your floor drains, dishwashers, and sinks to ensure large solids do not penetrate in the grease trap. If solids get inside the grease trap, clogs will form and prevent it from operating effectively.

Such issues can cause severe or permanent damages. Due to this, you want to ensure big chunks of particles do not penetrate the grease trap. Strainers are ideal when it comes to blocking solids from the grease trap.

Be on the Lookout for Grease in the Trap

After installing your grease trap and using it for some days, there will be a buildup of grease on the trap. If you notice little or no grease in the trap, that could be an indication of improper installation. If grease pools at a different location, then there could be a leak.

If you notice that grease does not gather in the trap properly, you will need to have a professional reinstall the trap. Assess the installation in advance to ensure it is well done to avoid problems in the future. 

Pump the Grease Trap Routinely

For proper maintenance of your grease trap, you need to have a regular maintenance routine with a reliable grease trap draining company. Your service provider will help you establish the ideal maintenance frequency for your kitchen. According to experts, you should pump your grease trap if it is a quarter full of fats, oils, grease, and solids. If your grease trap is full of debris it will not operate accordingly. Pumping it regularly guarantees optimal performance. 

Ensure Grease does not Penetrate down the Drain

If you pour grease down the drain, it can clog your grease trap and pipes. Pour used grease in a different container and keep it aside. Your grease trap maintenance company will collect any waste oil when they come in for servicing. Always use a metal bucket to collect hot oil because it will not melt.

Adopt Professional Drain Cleaning Procedures

Often the plumbing system in your kitchen or restaurant can be clogged with food buildup and grease. If you notice such occurrences, it is time to call in a professional drain cleaner. The plumbing system in your hotel will be clogged depending on how busy the facility is.

When that happens, you want to use the services of an expert drain cleaner who will unclog and clean your drain thoroughly. Clogs disrupt the normal operation of your grease trap, which can result in costly maintenance issues. Avoid these by having a professional clean your drain regularly.

Never Clean Your Grease Trap unless you are an Expert

Sometimes when your grease trap is clogged you may attempt to conduct maintenance practices to avoid additional costs. Remember, you can only unclog or clean your drain if you are experienced in that field. If you are not an expert doing so may cause severe problems and more expensive repairs.

Remember, you need the right tools to execute the cleaning task. Often, only professional cleaners have these tools. Again they are professionally trained to conduct grease trap maintenance appropriately. If you experience any problems with your grease trap, the best thing to do is call your professional drain cleaning company. 

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