KENT CamEye: A device for security of your vehicles and safety of your loved ones

Dash cams and GPS (Global Positioning System) trackers are the best devices that allow the owners of the vehicle to monitor their cars and fleets. In this segment, we have a new entrant named KENT CamEye. Yes, the same KENT which is known to be the largest manufacturer of RO water purifiers has now forayed into automotive security. 

KENT CamEye is a dash-cam-cum-GPS tracking app-based device that provides both the real-time and recorded details of the car. It’s a technologically advanced vehicle security device that also takes care of the safety of passengers. With KENT CamEye you get the entire features of a dash cam and a GPS tracker, in a single device. 

There’s curiosity among customers about how KENT CamEye works both ways – as a dash cam as well as a GPS tracker and what makes it a first-of-its-kind product in this category.  

How KENT CamEye Works?

KENT CamEye is a simple plug and play device that doesn’t need any hard or internal wiring to work. After unpacking the device, you will get the handy tools to install it into your car with easy DIY (do it yourself) guidelines. Once the installation is done, you need to scan the QR code, encrypted at the bottom of the device, through the KENT CamEye app available for download on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.  

The scanned device gets in sync with the smartphone so that it could be accessed anytime, from anywhere in the world. You can find all the features of dash cam and GPS tracking, listed in the menu section of the app. In fact, both the device and app have been designed with a user-friendly interface.  KENT CamEye has audio and video capabilities along with the provision of GPS location tracking through the app. It works the same way as other applications in the phone, using internet connectivity. This is the reason why the payable subscription is required. 

What is the main reason for using KENT CamEye?

The fundamental reason behind using KENT CamEye in the car is to ensure its security and safety of your loved ones. What makes you rely on KENT CamEye is the fact that it has been designed in India, keeping in mind the security needs of Indians. So, it understands the problem you might face being an owner of a chauffeur driven car or when a family is on a drive and provides the right solution. 

The most common issues you might face are: 

1.    After dropping the owners to their destinations, chauffeurs often use the car for their personal use. They might ferry passengers to earn extra bucks, or they might take a detour to go somewhere for personal work. 

2.    Many drivers sleep for hours in the car and keep the AC-on all the while, or they keep the engine idle for very long hours, consuming a huge amount of fuel in the process. 

3.    Teenagers become hideous and drive their parents’ cars rashly and at dangerously high speeds.

4.    Kids might feel unsafe or uncomfortable when they are driven in your absence with maid or drivers. 

How KENT CamEye helps with the above-mentioned issues: 

KENT CamEye has features like live video streaming with 2-way calling, time-lapse video recording, AI-based alerts, trip analytics and GPS tracking, all available for use through the app. 

 Apart from real-time monitoring through live streaming and GPS location tracking in the app, the trip video data is recorded on cloud for further use. 

Since KENT CamEye is dash-cam-cum-GPS tracking device, it provides the recorded data as time-lapse video and statistical graphs.  All these data and reports are saved on secure Cloud storage for 90 days and remain handy for access on the mobile phone. 

Overall, the features and functions of KENT CamEye let you monitor the driving behaviour of the person behind the steering wheel of your car. You can keep a closer watch to prevent the misuse of your car and to make sure that your loved ones are safe on transit. 

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