‘About Me’ Replaces Google+ as Our Hub in Google

Google has launched a new page called About Me, a website which each of us can access to view, edit or delete any personal information that we present in the rest of enterprise services. It is a kind of unified profile in which we can decide what we know from our contacts in Gmail, Hangouts, YouTube or Google+.

Here you can configure all elements of your profile, such as your name, slogan and avatars to your work history, social profiles or where you live. You can also choose whether each of these data is public or if they can only be seen certain circles of Google+.

On the page of About Me you will see this statement: “Changes you make here may show up with content you create & share. People you interact with may also see your updates across Google services.”

You can try this by clicking the red “plus” button where you can choose which details you want to add to Google: contact info (phone number, email, and address), work history, education, places (you live, you have lied, or have visited) and sites.

In other words, you don’t have to use Google+ if you want Google to keep your personal information. However, if you already have an account on Google+, it’s just the same exact details. Only, if you add or delete content on About me or Google+, the changes appear on both.

Until now what serves as the nerve center of our personal data was Google+ But for several months the service has taken a step back to become a mere social network, one of the many products that Google offers its users. Therefore, the site has now moved to occupy this new page.

However there is still a downside on About Me. For instance, if you have a Google Apps account, you can’t make any changes on it.
Users will be able to start using About Me this week.

…So What About Google+?

After its absence in the main conference Google I / O, and that these developments have not reached what was promised at the end of year, there are more doubts about how far Google is disengaging from the social network.

In any case we must not take anything for granted. It is true that this is still pretty complicated year for Google+. But all the steps and services that have been amputated have pointed in the same direction: to stop being what it never should try out, and it becomes a like other social networks.

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