Samsung Galaxy S8 Accessories You Should Have

What is the most exciting part about buying a new phone? It is not the apps we can download or the new updates on its operating system. The one thing we look forward to the most are the accessories we can buy for it. Admit it, after getting the phone you are holding right now, the next thing you did was to look for a phone case that can make it look unique and cool.

So when the latest model in the flagship line of Samsung was released, with it came a long list of accessories users can choose from. The Samsung Galaxy 8 smartphone, which you can now buy at shops like Harvey Norman, offers a roster of updates. From its intelligent digital assistant to its use of the Snapdragon 835, no one would think it is the accessories most of us are gushing about.

To guide you with your purchases, here is a rundown of the accessories available in the market to accompany your cool new Samsung Galaxy 8.

Spigen Cases

When it comes to cases, Spigen is the best choice for smartphones, especially for some of us who keep dropping it on the floor. For those of you have not used a Spigen Case before, it has a dual layer protective case, and it an awesome drop protection. Their Spigen Tough Armor is the most popular line of cases they have, and it is slim so it does not feel awkward to help. Spigen has just released their full line for Samsung Galaxy S8 that you might want to check out.

Wireless charger

You do not have to carry around bulky charger packs with Samsung’s wireless charger, made for the Galaxy S8. You can use it either as a charging pad where it sits flat on your desk or as a stand with a support for your phone.

Aukey battery pack

But if you must carry a battery pack with you, the Aukey 3600mAh battery is more than enough to sustain your power needs for the day. The best thing about it is you can easily put it in your pocket, and you do not have to lug it around like any of the other battery packs out there.

Clear view standing cover

This is not like any of the Samsung cover cases you see often, and this one looks more elegant, stylish, and more fashionable. It has a translucent matter cover which can also be used a stand when your phone is on landscape. And even if the cover is in place, you will still be able to swipe through your screen.

Samsung Gear VR

The Gear VR and the new controller actually comes with the phone if you have pre-ordered the Galaxy s8. For those who have not tried it, Samsung collaborated with Oculus to bring mobile VR to Samsung users. You can play games with, stream videos, and other VR exclusive stuff. You can even use social media with it.

This list does not even put a dent on the many accessories you can pair with the new Samsung Galaxy S8. There are still Lifeproof Cases, the CM4 Q Card Case, AKG Headphones, and more to browse and choose from. Consider getting everything on this list so you can maximise the use and capabilities of your phone.

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