How to find the perfect App Developer without breaking the bank

App Developer

Every new tech entrepreneur that is trying to make a name for himself knows this dilemma: you have this great idea for an app. Something, that you believe will make you richer than the Fruit Ninja-people: but you don’t know any great app developers and you are also on a Ramen noodle budget. Still you need someone that can make your good idea come to life without breaking the bank. We have some pointers for the lean start-up entrepreneur on how to score an app developer on a small budget!

Networking is key

Talk to your nerd-world buddies, other geeky entrepreneurs and people from the same field that you have connected with in college. Work those connections. Someone likely has been in this spot and knows someone who knows someone. You have got to get to those people. Entrepreneurs often overlook how vast their personal network really is.

Local colleges and universities

If you are still in school become a frequent visitor at your school’s computer science department. This is a potential hot spot for up-and-coming developers. The best way to find these students is through the professors. Reach out to them directly, as professors are always looking to find real-life experiences for their students.

Freelance outlets

Hiring a solid freelancer through a freelance outlet might be the way to go if everything else fails. Two great resources for entrepreneurs looking to develop apps are Elance and Odesk. Utilize these freelancers to get a draft going but don’t move past that point quite yet. Use the mock-up draft as a tool to attract local developers and get them interested in your project.

…If you budget is healthier

Consider hiring an app development agency. Clearly you will spend more but also get the best results. If your idea is really great and you have the funds it will be worth it. Search for professionals in your city by typing, for example, app developer Munich into your search engine and you will be off to the races.




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