A Beginner Guide for Choosing HTML Website Templates

In the past, when we want to create a website, we have to use a complicated method using the programming language just to create a header or bar on the website page. We still use this method though, but it becomes more simplified with the existence of html website templates.  

What is HTML Website Templates?

As its name implied, it’s a template or base that you can use for creating a website. Moreover, the template also can be used to change your website appearance. As we all know, our website appearance holds an important part in attracting many visitors as well as giving them the best experiences. Therefore, we can simply say that website template is one of the most important parts of today’s website.

How to Use HTML Website Templates?

First of all, you need to download the template. Nowadays you can easily find the website that provides free website templates you can use. Of course, you also can choose the paid one. The paid template has better feature and design than the free template. 

However, if you see the website template you can find today, actually, there is no big difference between the free and paid version. They have similar quality in design and feature. The paid version usually has more extra feature and better customer support. But, if you don’t mind using it for your website without those extra content, you can use the free version.

Once you get the template file, you can use it right away. Open your website code editor then import the template file into it. From this point, you can modify and add any elements that you need to create your website. 

On the other hand, you also use the same method for upgrading or modifying purpose. So, open your website code source with the code editor then apply the template file that consists of code to your existing website code. Then, launch your website. If you do it correctly, you will see the changes.

Compared to the method in the past, this is much easier. In the past, you must write code one by one then test it out to find out the result. With a template, you just need to copy the code from template file to the part of your website that you want to change. It saves more time and energy.

Even though using template make everything much easier, you still need to have knowledge about web programming. This knowledge will help you to know where you should place the code from the template. Or, if you want to change it to match it with what you need, you also need this web programming skill.

Choosing the Best Website Templates

Now, after you know the basic knowledge about HTML website template, you also need to know how to choose the best one. Why? There are many of them. And, you can’t just choose randomly for a template that you think it’s interesting. You must consider these three factors before choosing one.

  1. The Type of Website

What kind of website you are going to build? Whether you want to build a website for displaying your photo, video or website where you write a story and for sharing information, the template you can use is different. Each website templates you can find today is specially and optimally designed for one of those website types. So, if you use a template for video content website for writing content website, it won’t work perfectly.

  1. The Layout

Choose a template that can work perfectly with the layout plan that you’ve made. Make sure it can provide the right design, visual and area to place all information that you want to post on your website page. There are several parts you need to consider here, such as the header, the area to place your logo, content area and many more.

  1. Features 

More features mean that that template is a good template for your website. It means you can use it to create many kinds of the functionality on your website. It helps your visitor to browse and navigate the website easier. Thus, your visitor will mostly tend to visit your website again in the future. 


Basically, the html website templates help you to design the website much easier. The result is also much better than designing it from scratch. Therefore, it’s normal for any website owner and manager to use the template for their website. It gives them more benefits.

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