Activate Office 2016 Product Key with Supporting Apps for Easier and Safer Process

It is great as one of the giant technology companies, Microsoft, has launched its newest series of Office. It is Office 2016. Sure, for you the users, you are now allowed to buy Office 2016 Product key as well as install it. to buy this upgrade, make sure you only link to the trusted website anyway, like going to Then, when the product key is already on your hand, it is a good time to directly activate and use it. Activating this upgrade is actually really easy. There are at least three ways to activate Office 2016 Product Key using supporting apps. Each of them will be explained below.

First, it is by using a supporting application namely Re-Loader 1.4 RC 3. You can download it for free since many websites have provided it aside from download Office 2016 Product Key. After it is successfully downloaded, open and run the app by right clicking and choose Run as Administrator. Wait for a new window appears for terms and conditions and then click I Accept. Another window will be appeared, checklist the option of O16, click Activate. Interestingly, this supporting app is available in many other languages aside from English. It eases you more while activating particularly if you want to use your own language. Next step is opening one of the offices whether it is Office Word, Power Point, or Excel. Check on the account to see the activation result. Finally, it is done. Your newest upgrade of Office 2016 has been successfully installed.

Second, it is by using another supporting app namely KMS Auto Net 2015 1.4.8. Similar to the previous app mentioned above, you may open and run the activator of KMS Auto Lite that has been downloaded and install it by right clicking and choose Run as Administrator. A new window will be appeared, click Install GVLK, checklist forcibly, and click Office key. Another window is appeared in blue indicating that the administrator system is working. Next, click Activate and choose Activation. When the activation process is success, the notification will be there with a statement of Activation Successful on the lower part of window. You can close it by clicking the red cross or Exit on the upper right of toolbar. To know whether it is successful or not, you can check it in the account

Third, the supporting app used here is namely KM Spico. Again, you need to download it app by visiting its official website. Open and run it to install it. Right click the application file and choose Run as Administrator. The setup window is appeared and you can click “Next” several times. The activator of KM Spico installation will be run by itself and when it is over, it can be closed by itself as well. you need to open your old Microsoft Word to continue the process of activation. The new window for notification is appeared as a sign that there is an indicator to upgrade it with the newest version. When the dialog is appeared, choose Ask Me Later and Accept. To see the result, you may check on the Account.

Why is it recommended to use supporting apps? It is also based on the fact that the installation process can just be done without them. That is so true. If you want, you can actually install it directly by opening the old version of Microsoft and enter the product key. However, there are some versions of old Microsoft that find it difficult to upgrade. Meanwhile, the process tends to be slower also with some matters of interference during the process. If you have experienced those problems before, using one of the supporting apps mentioned in this page is definitely helpful.

Aside from that, there is also a common error to be happened during the installation process of certain software. It is about being mistaken while doing the input or submitting the product license. Some kinds of software may ease the way users change the license so that it can be re-activated. However, many experiences show that the matter gives side effects a lot. One of them is that the Microsoft Office 2016 is invalid and cannot be activated in online way. This one is a common problem if you choose cheap Office 2016 Product Key. Yes, to overcome this problem as well, the use of supporting apps is considered needed. Particularly, if you are inexperienced enough in term of PC software, there are surely other ways you can do like by opening the Command Prompt or checking the validity of product key. But those ways are often considered as too difficult and complicated.

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