5 Tips for Making, Selling, and Marketing Your Own Products

Humans are natural-born creators. We come into the world wanting to leave our stamp upon it. You want to create great products or experiences that can improve lives or simply bring joy to your community. And there’s never been an easier time to create, share, and sell new products. The world is more connected than ever, giving you the power to spread your ideas and goods all over the globe.

If you’ve got the drive and entrepreneurial energy, now may be the time to harness your ideas to create, sell, and market your product. Whether you want a side business or desire to leave your day job and become your own boss, there are great ways to get your online selling off the ground. There are some tips and tricks of the trade beyond just creating a product and posting it online. There is a vast world of e-commerce, configured products, and online salespeople waiting for you to join them. As you begin taking steps to create, sell, and market your own products, here are some thoughts to consider.

Make it custom and convenient

Some of the most exciting products are created specifically for the client. Whether you’re selling to other merchants and distributors or directly to consumers, you may want to consider a method of product configuration. This software brings simplicity and speed to your work. With the help of a product configurator, you can quickly provide quotes, specifications, and product options for your clients through automated methods. Rather than taking the time out of your busy day to discuss the next steps and create a fully customizable product, you can leave it to the professionals to develop a custom design. Utilizing a product configurator increases your revenue and helps your business grow to reach more distributors, reps, and dealers. So while you develop your customizable products and complex products, utilize powerful software to create these pieces more efficiently.

Use e-commerce to your advantage

Much of everyday business is now conducted online. And while creating your own website can be useful, it’s easy for that to get lost among the other billion websites out there. To sell and market more effectively, consider partnering with an already establishes site that will help you as a freelancer reach more customers. A Shopify theme developer can help design the best site for you, feature your products to shoppers, and even develop an app for your new product. Shopify can help you grow your business and create a theme store that will attract a wide range of customers. As you’re starting out and building your base, it’s a great idea to connect with a well-established media to reach these Shopify merchants.

Be clear about your product

When you’re developing a product, be clear with yourself and your target market on what you’re trying to sell them. Come up with concise descriptions or your product and be specific about what your customers are buying. Simplicity and consistency are important for you to make a sustainable product you can market effectively.

Stay available and reachable

Starting a new business with customizable products means you have to be involved and available to your clientele. Be reachable. Have an email or a comment section for people to get a hold of you. Take advice from individuals who have been involved in ecommerce for longer than you have. You’re not going to be perfect right away, so be adaptable and available for any and all feedback that comes your way.

Tell a story

One of the best ways to market a product is to tell a compelling story. People don’t want to buy an item— they want to invest in an experience. Express how your product will give them a quality experience they won’t find anywhere else. Chances are you’re already passionate about your product, so put that emotion into it and your customers are sure to feel that passion as well.

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