5 best ways to hide your location while surfing

With the masses of trolls lurking around the internet, ensuring you location is hidden while surfing the web is crucial.   After all, your privacy is at stake.  Don’t assume the internet is simply at your service as you explore the world.  For all you know, you could be compromising your privacy.

Don’t believe me?  See if you can hide your location from these guys. Spooky? So, for all the people out there thinking about their privacy, here are 5 best ways to hide your location while surfing.

1.    Incognito Mode:
While you must be thinking about the mask your browser has, Incognito Mode is one of the best features of your browser entirely. It is a way of hiding your activities online.

When you are in the incognito mode, the browser doesn’t keep records of the websites you are visiting. As a result, cookies are not stored in your browser and you can have a safer surfing experience. However,  your ISP (Internet Service Provider) would still know what you are doing and malware can still affect your device while you’re Incognito.

2.    Say no to location:
Ever wondered why a website asks you to reveal your location? Think about those dialogue boxes where you click ‘allow’. That’s when you reveal your location. The dialogue box reveals your location. This may not harm you, but it may depend on the website that you are surfing.

3. Browser:
It will be a shock for you but most of the browsers send data so that they can target you the way they want. Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and even Google play a vital role here. Although it is hard for you to say no to websites like that, you should do what you can to protect your privacy. Try the Tor browser next time. Tor is one of the few browsers that will let you surf the entire digital world without you worrying about privacy. Give it a try. It works for me.

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4. VPN:
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Like the name suggests, it is a virtual network that places privacy in your own hands. If privacy is your number one priority, then a VPN is your best bet. There are many reputed premium VPN companies that can help you get set up, like ExpressVPN. But remember NOT to use a free VPN. When a product is free, YOU are the product.

5. DNS Leak Testing:
DNS leak testing comes in handy when you have a VPN. Even when you have a VPN, you may give up some clues regarding your IP despite it being hidden. But due to this new age technology, you be safer online as you detect the leak and take steps to plug the leak. Just head over to the DNS Leak Test and get your connection checked in no time.

Why is all this necessary?
It’s simple. Most of us spend our time on Facebook,YouTube, and other online platforms. So, imagine the criminals lurking in the background and the devious things they can do with your information. Disclosing your internet history would be little different than publically sharing your banking details.

Want to know if we are bluffing?
You may think that we are bluffing or we don’t have evidence. If you want to find the real truth about it, just try searching a product in Amazon.com for a few times. After that, when you browse the internet, you will see the products repeatedly appearing on your screen as ads.

If they know what you like, what else might they know?  Do you really want to find out?

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