Tips to Use Twitter for Business

It is good to communicate or writing something on Twitter. But, you can use Twitter more than just expressing your feeling. In fact, you can use Twitter for business. For your information, some people have already feel getting money by using Twitter. Do you want to feel the same thing? If it is so, just try to do several tips below.

Always give fast respond

Fast respond is what your followers want. Don’t make them wait too long such as a few hours or even a few days. If you have to do it, just give information first that you will answer their questions in slow respond. It will be good not to make your followers wait more than 5 minutes. Just try to do it no matter what the questions and you will see the different.

Get as closer as you can with followers

One more important thing to do if you want to use Twitter for business is trying to get closer with your customers or followers. Because of that, you can include your personal account although you are running the account under your business. There are so many ways to get closer with your followers. You can just reply their mentions, retweet their tweets, share good news, and many more. When they are comfortable, they will give their trust to you. As the result, they will try to buy your products and it means you get income from your Twitter.

Use Direct Message feature

Most of people who are using their Twitter for business tend to focus on tweets, hastag, and mention. The problem is that you tend to forget about the function of Direct Message. Direct Message is very important in which you can explain the detail of your products or business. By using this kind of tricks, your followers are also thinking that you believe on them. It is also good if you have to face problem with your customers or followers.

Give maximal service to anyone

It is good to give maximal service to your customers but it is not good if you don’t give respond to new followers. The key is giving maximal service whether for your customers as well as new followers. In fact, there is a possibility that they will be your customers soon.

Just try to do those tips above so you can really use your Twitter for business. It is a must for you to do it continuously for maximal result.

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