NetSuite Developer: 3 Killer Ways to Automate NetSuite

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Chances are that if you are reading this article, you already have Oracle NetSuite as an ERP and several modules that build out the suite of NetSuite products. If you are just beginning your NetSuite implementation, then you may have found out that you have a lot of business processes that you’d like to automate. Most companies find automation to be key as they continue to improve their NetSuite instance. If you want to have the best technology solution to resolve a lot of inefficiencies in everyday life, you need to have a NetSuite developer help bring more automation to your systems. These can be automations or customizations that are specific to your business. Some roles may need more automation than others. My team at Anchor Group has seen companies of all sizes save an enormous amount of time and money by implementing more solutions using a consultant and developer. This article will go over the best ways that you can transform your organization using automation.

What is NetSuite Automation about?

This is specific to each business because every business has unique processes they have developed over time. And companies will continue to modify existing processes and grow new ones. With all the processes of an organization, it can be difficult for employees to keep track of all the important data they are supposed to maintain for C Suite to keep visibility into reports. You can use a NetSuite consultant to help identify areas that you might be able to automate areas of your business. Sometimes, an outside perspective that can bring in knowledge and experience they have used with other organizations can help you identify the best areas to improve. Most of the time, the best place to start is to be aware of any pain points you may be facing. These are some common areas you may want to look at to greatly improve your automations.

NetSuite Marketing Automation

You may have noticed that NetSuite’s marketing capabilities are incredibly customizable. However, they often require a good amount of setup work to get it to the ideal place. For instance, you will want to run email marketing campaigns using dynamically created contact lists based on certain criteria. This is all available data to a marketing manager, it just has to be setup appropriately. You may need to create some fields on the customer record, but the data can exist for your criteria. Utilize workflows and scripting by a developer. You can target your audience automatically using dynamically created lists with a specific email template. There’s no reason you need to spend time trying to decide who to send an email to in order to get the perfect response.

Subscription Based Automations

If you are an organization that utilizes subscriptions for any reason, you may want to have a NetSuite developer create a script that will automatically create a new sales order when the subscription time period has ended. For instance, someone may have purchased a subscription for 1 year and then it gets automatically renewed on a month-to-month basis. You can have an automation that will create a new sales order every month to do this. SuiteMarkets has some prebuild features that Anchor Group has created to perform this automation.

Agreement and Contract Signing Automations

There are some companies that require a customer, vendor, or partner to sign agreements. Or you may want to allow for a signing process similar to DocuSign, but would rather have it all exist in NetSuite. SuiteMarkets has an automation that allows for people to sign an agreement inside of NetSuite with a stunning interface, automatically email the next signer in the process, and upon completion of the agreement, it attaches a PDF copy to the customer/vendor record. This is a great automation that helps keep all your documents connected inside of NetSuite. Otherwise, you might not have all your documents in a single location. In addition, this particular automation can have additional steps to collect down payments, deposits, pay fees, subscriptions, and more.


As you become more involved in your NetSuite environment, you will find that it is one of the most powerful platforms to build your business on. NetSuite product modules like SuiteCommerce Advanced, CRM, and SuiteBilling are just a few of the incredible methods that you can consolidate all of your software solutions into a single place to manage data. You may already have ideas to help resolve some of you pain points, but you might also want to talk to a consultant that can help you identify ways to save you time and money. A consultant will be able to see what products you have, and if your business processes can be resolved with a couple developer scripts rather than having to pay thousands in licensing fees. Or, the consultant might identify areas where an existing solution might greatly improve your efficiency. Either way, having an expert in the field will transform your ERP and help your organization stay organized.

About the Author:

This blog was written by Caleb Schmitz, a NetSuite developer and SuiteCommerce Specialist at Anchor Group. Anchor Group is a NetSuite implementation partner that works heavily in NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce in addition to the rest of the products. Caleb started his ERP career in SAP and transitioned into Oracle NetSuite solutions after a couple years. He received his bachelors in Mechanical engineering, worked as a production supervisor, finished his MBA in management, implemented SAP to 3 business branches, and finally moved into NetSuite development. During his free time, he enjoys writing books, mountain biking, playing rugby, and pick up football.

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