Best Tips and Tricks for PRP Hair Treatment

PRP is a popular term nowadays, and it is an abbreviation for “Platelet Rich Plasma.” Over the following two decades, it is in use widely for the treatment of hair loss. PRP is very helpful for the medical treatment for hair fall. Many people have achieved their desired hair through PRP.

What is the Procedure of PRP?

If you want to comprehend the method of PRP, then first you will have to learn about the platelets in the body. Platelets play a vital function in our bodies whenever we are going through an affliction.

How do Platelets in the Body Works?

A chain effect begins in the body whenever our body is doing through a physical damage. The physical damage can be through a surgical cause or a natural cause. As s result, many cells take control of our bodies. Platelets are among the initial cells that take control.

The next step is to stop the blood from coming out. The platelets do stop the blood, but that is not enough. The further step in this process is the healing. 

How PRP is Done?

You can get PRP hair treatment in Islamabad. When you go to get PRP done, there is nothing to fret about. Do not hesitate because only a little volume of blood will be taken out. You will sense as if a light blood test has been performed. 

This blood will be taken to a lab and it will be concocted. Then it will be divided into two elements, which are plasma, and RBC. Then the next step is to achieve a high concentration of plasma. 

Finally, this concoction will be injected in the area where you are facing hair fall.

There are two other popular procedures used for the treatment of hair loss.

Let us take a look at those medical procedures:

Tissue Extension:

Tissue extension or expansion is a widely used procedure for the medical treatment of hair loss. You can get this procedure done without any side effects. It has shown astonishing outcomes in history for the people who were facing the issue of hair loss from a lifetime. 

The best thing about the tissue extension procedure is that it shows excellent returns in a brief period of time. In this method, a device that holds the shape of a balloon in entered into the scalp. Saltwater is used and it makes the skin cells grow and you see a dramatic change in the volume of your hair!

Flap Operation:

Some people have fewer amounts of bald patches and it is easy to get rid of that. Are you suffering from large areas of bald patches? Then no more worries! Technology is at its peak and the process of a flap operation is a surgical method that is being used in the field of medical science for more than twenty-five years!

This process is highly effective for those people who have been facing the embarrassment of large bald areas on their head! But you can end that with flap surgery!

Tips and Trick for Getting a PRP Done:

You can get the best PRP treatment in Islamabad. Let us have a look at some of the best tips and tricks if you are going to get it done!

  1. Do not intake any anti-inflammatory pills before the PRP.
  2. Make sure that you have a proper meal before the process.
  3. Stay hydrated and a lot of water before.
  4. Make sure that you do not drink too much as you can get uncomfortable due to the urge to pee.
  5. Wear loose clothing.


There are many surgical and medical treatments out here for the treatment of hair loss. It has been proven from studies and examinations that PRP is the best procedure yet!

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