5 Sites with True Software Reviews and Ratings

Checking user reviews before downloading and acquiring software is the surest way to avoid scam. People are not prone to leave good comments but whenever there is an issue, they go straight to a comment session. While in real life this human quality can seem annoying, in software reviews, it’s very beneficial.

Does software contain viruses and bugs? Go to user reviews – you’ll know. Was the latest update a failure? Users will tell. Is a program constantly showing ads or requires additional payments? If so, there will be dozens of furious comments.

Before you start taking these reviews seriously, it’s important to verify the source. Some platforms cooperate with software providers and censor bad reviews. Others do not delete comments, left by bots and trolls. To help you avoid this deception, we collected the best software review websites in one list.


RocketFiles.com – Software Reviews & Downloads, Guides, Tips & Tricks collects software for PC and mobile devices. Each tool is reviewed and tested by a website editor. The platform is relatively new so it doesn’t have a huge user community. Although at first, this could seem a disadvantage, it’s actually not the case.

All reviews are written by active community members and moderators – you don’t have random trolls messing up the comment section. The screenshots actually correspond to the contents of a review. If a text describes a particular feature, you’ll see it on the image as well.

Rocket Files’ advantages

  • Carefully assessed editor picks and regular top-pick lists;
  • Malware and spyware detection;
  • How-to articles with security insights and basic software development expertise;
  • 20+ software categories for business, education, entertainment, safety, mobile phone apps, and media editing;
  • All reviews are verified by editors.

RocketFiles prefers quality over quantity, publishing only the most secure, tried-and-proven tools – there is no risk of downloading a shady tool.


A popular software review platform with 700+ software categories and millions of reviewed tools. Even though the website covers entertainment tools as well, the service is mostly focused on business solutions.

The most popular categories on Capterra include project management, contract management, LMS and construction management software. Hence, if you are looking for a specific business automation solution, this is the first place to look at.

Capterra’s advantages

  • The majority of published tools are paid but free instruments are extensively represented as well;
  • Detailed search with dozens of flexible filters;
  • All the tools are presented in the alphabet order by default;
  • 925 000 verified reviews;
  • Special support programs for software vendors;
  • A built-in tool for software comparison.


Even though DZone does not position itself mainly as a software catalog but rather a how-to software development and testing blog, it includes several thousands of software reviews as well.

The website provides users with valuable insights on the latest techniques on software development, testing, security, UI and UX design, creating an international community of developers and tech writers. If you work in IT professionally, this is definitely a must-visit.

DZone’s advantages

  • Thousands of update articles, step-by-step guides, and expert reviews on development, custom software, testing, and design;
  • An active community of guest writers – dozens of new articles every day;
  • Digests with the biggest news and most interesting materials;
  • Specializes in DevOps tools and methodology;
  • All software reviews are written by a professional writer or developer.

So far, the website is used by more than a million developers – this, for sure, says quite a lot about its credibility. The content is thoroughly evaluated before publication.


TrustRadius is a software review platform that specializes in evaluating free software for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. The website does not cooperate with vendors and sponsors – each review is independent and published with regards to its usefulness.

The platform checks each added tool with professional antivirus tools. Also, moderators manually test the tools, take screenshots, and describe functionality. Users can add their own content but it will be published only after the moderator’s approval.

TrustRadius’ advantages

  • Create wishlists with the tools that you’d like to download;
  • Share your own reviews and join discussions on forums;
  • Users alert each other about security risks or significant bugs;
  • The platform is focused on free software but includes some paid offers as well;
  • Software vendors can submit their tools but have no control over the contents of reviews.

TrustRadius really aims to put trust at the center of their platform by letting users and software vendors cooperate with each other. It’s a comfortable place for direct communication with software manufacturers – if you have questions about a functionality bug or security breach, you can address these issues directly by contacting tools’ creators.


A popular free software download catalog for beginning and advanced PC and mobile users. Each added title has a unique rating, review panel, and an editor’s evaluation. In a custom description, provided by the website’s moderators, you can read about software’s main features, advantages, and disadvantages.

In a review panel, users can leave their own opinions and report technical issues. If you have encountered a technical problem or want to ask something you can use this possibility to communicate with other Softpedia’s users.

Softpedia’s advantages

  • A wide selection of free applications;
  • Supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS;
  • Transparent communication and efficient review system;
  • Simple interface;
  • Regular blog updates.

Note, however, that unlike other tools, described above, this one had some history of malware. Still, we decided to include it on the list because the percentage of risky programs is low. After all, the service’s numerous advantages outweigh the danger of potentially encountering an infected tool.


Now you know where to look for unbiased reviews of free and paid software. Getting feedback is indeed the safest way to avoid mistakes and learn on the experience of others. We just made sure that the sources of this feedback are trusted and worth taking into account.

If you do your research before downloading any software, you will definitely avoid security risks rather easily. Even if you are downloading a well-known tool, take a moment to go through reviews – this protects you from potential fakes or malicious updates.

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