Things to do Before Deciding to be Self Employed

The idea of being able to work on your own schedule as well as being your own boss is very appealing for many people. These are the main reasons why people are considering being self employed more and more these days. Moreover, the opportunity of being self employed nowadays is wide opened as far as you are persistent and willing to work hard. Here are 4 things to do before you change your occupation to self employed.

#1. Get the Most of your Current Job

We have to admit there are certain benefits you get when you work for a company compared to when you are self employed, namely a steady income. Unless you have regular customers that will always your service, there are no guarantee that you can get enough money every month when you are self employed. So, while you are still getting steady income for your corporate job, save up as much as you can.

#2. Be Smart about Money

Jumping from corporate employee to self employed is never as easy as you formerly think about. You will need time for people to recognize your self employed business and you will face some money problems. You should be wise in getting loans so that in the end it will not be a burden and will make you go financially bankrupt.

#3. Set Up Business Necessities

In order to make your business go smoothly you should create a website and a social media to inform people that you have a self employed business and you are accepting orders now. Using these two means as promotion media is also a good idea. Also, do not forget to set up a bank account for your business and separate it from your personal account. By having separate accounts, it will e easier for you to calculate your tax and determine which spending is a personal spending and which one is for business.

#4. Do Not Cut Current Connections

The connection you currently has is a very necessary in order for you to expand your self employment business. You should left your corporate job with maintaining as much good connections as possible and keep in touch with your connections at the company. It will also be a good way maintaining your network if you ever want to get your old job back if your business plan does not pan out.

You need go be very prepared when you decide to be self employed and you should work hard in expanding your business. You should also be prepared in facing all possible outcome of your business.

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