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Are you looking for ways to get better results for your internet business? Often, the owners of small businesses get stuck in a vicious cycle where they’re working so hard that they barely have time to think about how they might do things more efficiently – which, of course, just results in more hard work. Every time a more effective solution can be adopted, it means that you’ll have more time and energy to investigate the next possibility. It’s in this way that businesses move beyond just surviving and reach a point where they can grow, expand and achieve success.


No business can grow without understanding its market, so research is a key priority. In the past, businesses often struggled to gather data – today we’re drowning in it, but the challenge is in sorting out what’s useful and analyzing it effectively in order to get information that’s actually useful in developing business strategies. Though it adds to your expenses, it can be worth your while to bring in a market research company to help with this, as they don’t just run research projects but can also help to identify the key questions you need to ask. Alternatively, you can use the cloud to access big data processing that will help you build up a more accurate picture of your customers, potentially identifying trends that you’ve missed and helping you to pinpoint opportunities to achieve more.


Today, marketing is more personalized than ever before, and though there are a lot of tools out there to help you refine and target adverts, it’s easy to feel disadvantaged compared to big corporations with large marketing budgets to spend. In fact, this is one area where technology has tipped the odds in favor of the little guy – today, technology is taking more of the strain, meaning that what really makes the difference is not having a large team but having a team with good ideas. Tech marketing company Iconic Industry, the brainchild of Valentino Vaschetto, specializes in helping businesses find solutions that free up their staff to get creative, reach target customers more effectively and really start getting noticed (see Valentino Vaschetto on Twitter). After all, you don’t need to be able to get your message out to everybody – just to those who might realistically buy from you.


One of the big challenges of running an internet business is that you’ll very often be working with a distributed team, and it can be difficult to coordinate production when you don’t have everybody in one place. Using cloud-based ERP software can be a big help with this, taking the stress out of overseeing activities and making sure that everybody stays coordinated. A cloud-based approach more generally means that you can share materials in a much more secure manner across distributed sites and even when members of your team are traveling, because cloud companies invest in security that individual businesses would struggle to afford. Of course, you will still need to set firm deadlines and ensure that your individual employees properly appreciate what is required of them.


ERP can also help with managing your sales so that you don’t run into problems with items appearing to be in stock when they’re not, but there are also a number of site-specific systems that you can use to handle this. Choosing a system that monitors stock and – if you’ve approved it – automatically generates an order for more when supplies run low can take a lot of the effort out of the day-to-day running of your business and reduce the risk of you ending up with unhappy customers.


Taking on the personnel you need to expand your business when funds are short can be quite a challenge, but if you’re already working with a distributed team, then you’re in the perfect position to take advantage of outsourcing. While you’ll be paying more per hour for work that you commission this way, you won’t have to pay the overheads that you would with employees, and you can be far more flexible. Bringing in workers in this way can help to get you into a position where you’re able to hire more full-time personnel.

Implementing practical solutions like these will help you take your internet business to the next level. Though each one will take some time and energy to implement, finding the resources to make that happen will soon generate results and will make things much easier for you over the long term. Don’t settle for just getting by – make the leap and give your business a real future.

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