Top 3 Security Solution Products Of 2018

At present, the computers are one of the most secured things than ever before as the threats that they are facing are becoming more and more sophisticated. This means that security solutions are always essential, especially for the windows personal computers.

The need for security solutions

  • With information technology that has been reaching unpredicted heights so as the security requirement for the computer started becoming prone to external threats such as malware, virus, spyware and so on.
  • These specifications have ultimately become part of the computer system which easily detects and identifies threats thereby enabling secured platform.

The security solution products of 2018

  1. Fargo DTC1500:
  • The model is available with different specifications that also includes decoding, lamination, encoding, etc., and is direct to card printing expectancy which also offers convenient and low cost of capacity consumable.
  • Beyond everything, it is robust, secured which offers innovative printing features like crisper text and barcodes and resin threshold settings.
  • The Fargo DTC1500 ID Card Printer is specially designed to suit the requirements in different fields like government ID projects, colleges, universities, healthcare services, and even small to medium-sized businesses.
  • As it is featured permanent watermarking that enables easy display of logo, name or brand. With this technology, it is really impossible to produce a replica. Even the customers to watermarking facility help the organization to help in increasing the security in a cost-effective way.

With the evolution of new technologies and advancements, one can find different variety of ID card printers. However, there is some Best ID Card Printer of 2018 which saves time as well as resources in a single run. One of the upgraded options available on many ID card printers includes laminations. This is just an extra layer of protection and security to ensure that the ID cards are always safe. The Single-sided printers are used to print front side of the card only. Alternatively, using double-sided printer enables easy printing on both sides. In from the card program requires multifunctional ID card, then there are many alternatives for encoding, which starts from basic barcode to the smart cards.

It has a track record of fulfilling the desire for unique ID card printer services. They are ideal for comprehensive security management solutions. The expert version is compatible with the different specification which easily enables in combining different and coding functions like, contact and magnetic encoding. The J. O’Brien’s top ID card printer of 2018 is incredibly flexible that is suitable for different applications. J. O’Brien’s DTC5500LMX is one of the technical service manager which has lots of anticipation. It has successfully proved up to the hype by producing graded professional ID cards with efficiency. It is completely reliable, cost-effective, high volume printer and also satisfied a great range of business needs.


  1. Datacard 510685-102 Ez-Id System With Magnetic Stripe

The updated SD160 has already created a great buzz because of having so many great features like monochrome, UV printing options, faster throughput, high resolutions printing and so on. This new age system also come up with a YMCKFT UV ribbon and the UV image in order cater an extra layer of security for any ID card program. This seems important to mention that only special light can make you able to see the UV printing.


  1. Datacard tru signature pad

Adding an additional layer of security has become easy with this datacard tru signature pad. With the help of this solution, it becomes easy to capture, store and print the high-quality signature. First, this is very much easy electronic signature capture and that is why become the most favourite among others too. It ensures to come up with consistent and accurate results. It is a must-have tool in order to boost the visual security of photo IDs. This can be easily integrated with the current Datacard software.

It’s great that the software vendors started developing security solutions which help in detecting any malfunction of the device. The additional tools available in the solutions are really the biggest boon rather than a bane.

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