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It is normal when parents get worried of their kids. In this modern age, they need an application like a parental control to monitor Android and iPhone activities of their kids that can work well on their mobile phone or desktop. Sometimes, their kids are stuck in the middle of mischief either by accident or on purpose. Kids may end up communicating with strangers or spend too much time to play mobile phone without their knowledge. That’s why a good parental control app is needed to keep an eye on their kids for something that can put them in danger. Even though there are several amazing parental monitor apps for parents, having open and ongoing communication with their kids are the most important thing to do. Open communication also includes when parents need to talk to their kids about the importance of being responsible in the usage of a device. It is to avoid them to figure out smart workarounds or uninstall app you have.

Platforms and pricing

Most apps of parental controlling have annual subscription you need to pay according to how many devices parents monitor. The range of the price starts from $10 to $30 for one or two devices to be monitored. There are a lot of parental control apps to monitor kids available both iOS and Android. Those mobile apps usually allow you to view supports or manage settings from a tablet or phone. Talking about quality, each app has its own quality between platforms. But one thing parents should know is that software of parental control tends to be stronger on Android than on iOS since Apple has locked down device access and permissions. Many parental control apps for iPhone also require you to have MDM or mobile device management profile, so that all features especially those are related to the time restriction and app management can be functioned properly. So, make sure to check out the restriction setting since Apple integrates a nice range of privacy settings and app-blocking too.

Time restrictions and app blocking

Another major feature parents can find in a parental control app is time restriction. Some services let parents specify the duration your child can spend on a tablet or mobile phone complete with the schedule they can use. It is a big advantage for parents to set up a schedule for their kids to allow them using specific apps in a specific total time. They can spend.

Parents’ ability to protect their children from using certain app is an area of solution that many mobile parental control apps should excel. It can be very useful for parents to avoid their kids from using messaging services or social media apps that are hard to browse or monitor. That’s why choosing a good parental monitor app is important to prevent kids installing a new app unless parents approve it.

On iOS, the app blocking works in a different way. There are many apps parents can block like Camera or Siri. Parents can also make App Store and iTunes Store disable too. Several apps of parental control are able to remove icons of the app completely from the home screen. So, there’s no possibility for kids to access any app they want.

Location Tracking

A good mobile app of parental control should at least have the ability to monitor a kid’s recent locations as well as historical location data. It’s very essential for parents to keep them update with their kids’ whereabouts instead of giving useless data. It is also important to give notification of location reporting. Several services even let parents construct a dangerous and safe location in the map. It is like digital boundaries that can help parents figuring out whether their kids have arrived safely in safe location or go to a dangerous place. It will be easier for parents to make sure that their children are in the safe zone.


The best application of parental control can let parents not only monitor, but also record with whom your child communicates. It can even record what are they talking about in the conversation. Always remember that this feature is almost limited to Android. There are various implementations from one service to another service. Certain apps can copy a kid’s all history of SMS and call log that can be reported to parents to be reviewed. The best software of parental control also lets you manage your kid’s activity in social media.


Now, let’s go to the app that is highly recommended to be used for parents to monitor iPhone and Android phone data of their kids. FoneMonitor is one of good parental monitor apps in the market. It takes only three steps to make this app parents’ reliable monitor. The first step is to create an account in FoneMonitor. Second, verify the target phone. And the last step parents are ready to monitor phone activity. Isn’t it easy?

By using FoneMonitor, there are several features. They are including:

· It is an easy app that allow parents to protect and watch over their kids anywhere they are
· Its monitor browser is 100% compatible with many kinds of browsers on any device
· It is a great spy for kids’ messages which can read any text messages remotely both in iOS devices or Android.
· It is a good GPS track that can track parents’ kid synchronously to the location of target device
· Its monitor can track up to 29 kinds of data on parents’ mobile phones if they want.

FoneMonitor is one of the best apps of parental control that is in the top of the list. Parents can monitor messages, call logs, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and others on the target phone. It also allows parents to monitor from any browser they use. FoneMonitor’s icon will soon get deleted from the phone when it starts working to monitor their kids’ activities on the phone so they cannot know that they are being tracked. The price starts from $29.99 per month. Parents can check out the detail price on FoneMonitor official website.

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