Toyota i-Road: Ease of a Motorbike and Comfort of a Car

Toyota i-RoadToyota i-Road

Can you imagine driving a tiny car that can zip around the city and weave in and out of the dense traffic? This is what Toyota attempts to give its loyal customers through a car project named Toyota i-Road. The electric car combines the size of motorbike and the comfort of a city car. Toyota designs it as a solution for modern people to deal with the future of urban transport, which is expected to be much denser than it is now.

Ultra Compact Size

Yes, you certainly agree that the city roads are getting denser and denser. Riding a motorbike can help you deal with the dense traffic, but it does not provide you with comfort as well as protection from sun and rain. With its ultra compact size and mere 870 mm width, Toyota i-Road provides the driver with ease of handling even in the confined spaces. The same convenience also applies for parking, as the car needs parking space a half of the size an ordinary car needs.

Environmental Friendliness

This is another important feature of Toyota i-road. Besides its ultra compact size, the car is also environmentally friendly as it comes with Zero CO2 emissions. It is powered by lithium-ion batteries, which work relatively satisfactory for city inhabitants. One charge of the battery can take the owner to travel for about 50 km.

Supporting Car Sharing Programs

Many countries in the world are now implementing car-sharing programs to deal with the traffic issues. Toyota i-Road also supports the program, since it accommodates a driver and a passenger.

Toyota is still developing the car to ensure comfort as well as safety. As a pioneer in two-passenger car, Toyota still has to make various adjustments and improvements to ensure i-Road’s handling performance and safety profile. Overall, Toyota i-Road is welcomed as a future part of the urban life.

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