5 Key Elements Customers Need in a Mobile App

The world of technology is expanding so fast that it is hard to keep track of advancement that are being made in this field. Startups are being born now and then. To be precise, technology is growing at a very rapid speed. From using the fax that is a complicated device to using a SMS mechanism to send very short messages, technology has come so far I have to say.

This growth also translates to mobile technology. Mobile technology has picked up ever since Apple Inc. invented the first smartphone. We have Steve Jobs to thank for that incredible innovation. Where will we be without the smartphone? We will probably be using our computers to send emails and other critical information. The smartphone technology is at its golden age but there is stillroom for more improvements.

In today’s article, we are going to look the key elements a mobile app development should have. If you are developing a mobile app and you have the tech skills but you still do not know what customers prefer, this article is for you so keep reading. You should abide by these factors if you want your app to sell and earn you that critical money. Here are the five important elements of a mobile app.

1. Enhanced Functionality

When designing a mobile application, a developer should consider what the app offers to the customer and determine whether it is worthwhile. There is a lot of competition out there and pools of developers who are trying to develop that same application you are trying to make. Chances are that they are also looking at how they will beat off competition from you and other developers with the same ideas.

Do not do something called replication of software. This is when you create a similar app to an existing app, without any additional functionality to users. This will lead you to waste your money in development. It is therefore advisable to make an application that is more usable by customers out there. Take your time and research about people’s needs. Ask your friends about what features they will like to see in their apps and use those as your strong point. Chances are that you will have an app that is a notch higher than other developers are.

2. Convenience In Navigation

Most of us have used mobile apps and we can attest that we often uninstall applications. Some of the reasons why we install applications are because we no longer need the app’s services, it lacked the advertised features, or we found it hard to use. The third reason is very relevant and almost every app that is hard to use has failed to take off. The smartphone may be smart enough but still not advanced in usability to the level of PC’s.

It is therefore advisable to keep your app very simple to use. The clicks should be to the minimum. Do not create an app that geeks find interesting to use unless that is the primary reason.

3. Easy Checkout

Having a very easy check out in your app will make customers love the experience. This applies for e-commerce apps and other applications that need your customer is input to save information. These fields should be really kept precise and simple otherwise the user will be frustrated with the app and end up uninstalling it to look for alternatives. One of the best ideas is to have a feature that auto fills information for the user. Information such as the city of residence and the location should be automatically generated using the phone’s locations unless it is too critical to be auto filled.

4. A Personalized Experience

Research shows that mobile app users prefer apps that offer a more personalized experience to them. Your app should be designed to offer this. This can be achieved by collecting information from the user and predicting suggestions for users who rather not search for it. Do it the Google Play Store way. It is a very personalized application and offers information to users based on the demographics and past user preferences. YouTube is another good example, which categorically picks video suggestions for users based on what videos they have viewed or searched for before.

5. Diversity And Simplicity

Make your app as simple as possible. Users hate to have to cram where a certain feature is. You should provide clues to everything your app has. Do not set hidden features for I guarantee you that most users will never bother to find it. Also, try to diversify information on your app so that users will not run out of tasks to do with your app and end up uninstalling it.

You should follow these five elements and I guarantee you your app will be a popular choice among your customers.

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