5 Secret Tricks for Facebook

Facebook is a social networking products in which we can post whatever we want. The social networking application still has a place in the hearts of internet users until now. Facebook has a lot of competitors such as the emergence of social Media twitter, BBM (Blackberry Messenger) and more lately. Facebook has many of the features in doing an innovation that is not inferior to other social media. Facebook adjust the needs of users by posting an attractive and easy to do. For example, if a Facebook user entered on another user’s Facebook page and click the “like” button, then the system of facebook will automatically read that users liked the Facebook page.

Gadgets that automatically connect with facebook, when we open it will display your blog posts from other Facebook users published, the system will display. Daily blog posts that are considered attractive will automatically appear on the news feed in the first place. Interactions between fellow facebook users can be seen from the provision of “like” and “comment” to the status they create. Option in the news feed facebook users, we can also choose or change to be the “Top Stories” to see the latest updates of posts or the “Most Recent” to view the most desirable posts by other users.

When using media facebook, have you tinkering to satisfy your curiosity? An application of course has special tricks or shortcuts to accelerate or facilitate the user when to do something in it. Not only options that are already available on the facebook page we often use but also other secrets that exist outside of the option provided facebook.

Here is the facebook secret key that is not known by many people.

  1. How to Delete Advertising on Facebook. Greasemonkey script – is Facebook Cleaner removes many annoying ads and updates that unavoidably appear on your Facebook page. You can use this feature to help you remove some annoying ads.
  2. Language pirates. Will you go to facebook. Scroll to the bottom. Then click English (US) facebook if you use English, and if using Indonesian Indonesian. If there is a choice English (Pirate), select it. Afterwards see the results.
  3. Making status with inverted text.
  4. How to Know If Secretly your Facebook friend’s Block or Erase your Account. X-Friends are a unique tool for tracking friends that remove or block your account. So you will be able to know the friends that are already blocked or erase your account.
  5. How to Schedule Posting on Facebook. Spendable allows Buddy schedule Facebook messages in advance so that Buddy can send messages to friends, customers or colleagues in the future.

There are many tricks that you can practice as what you need and hopefully these tricks will give you more convenience in using Facebook.

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