How to automate customer service in an online store?

Many aware entrepreneurs believe that customer service is the one of the most important principles of running an online store. For this reason they build relationships with clients and build a brand that will be liked by target group. Talking to the shop owners, I noticed that they have a few rules on how to do it. Read on to know them.

Fast answer to every question

Being fast is important especially today. Market competition is really big and our customers can change their mind at any time by choosing a competitor’s product. For various reasons. Sometimes it is about other product properties, sometimes about time, sometimes about better service. But what to do to not loose customer, if he like our product? It’s easy. Just be fast. Don’t make customers wait for your answer the question like delivery methods, current promotions and availability of products.

How to be fast?

You probably know that answer fast anytime is not easy, if you don’t have employers responsible for it. Cheaper solution is to use chatbot maker, because you don’t have to employ people. You just have to make a good chatbot. It means that you have spend a little more time at the beginning, to watch the results in the future. You must start with the analysis of your customers and their behaviour. Check what are they asking for, what is their main problem in shopping and how to make them feel cared for. After that you must start creating chatbot in any chatbot maker.

Make customers life easier

You heard that many times? You know, that your products or services have to solve your customers problem, because in any other way they won’t buy it. And you probably have it mastered to perfection. But did you think about creating such customer service that will make shopping on your website fabulously easy? It means that there is no unanswered question, customer can ask about help at every stage of shopping and he can count on care after purchase and informations about discounts.

Show your product

Think widely. Customer service can also include easy access to your products. If you decided to make a chatbot, necessarily add a block with your offer. After clicking the appropriate buttons in chatbot, the customer should go to your store. Before it, make sure that in chatbot communication interest him in the offer and he won’t turn it off as soon as he turned it on.

You forgot about your basket!

Remind yourself to your customers. If they left their basket and you have an option to send them reminder message, just do it. Maybe they forget about shopping, they had something more important in that moment and they need an impulse to act. You can send a push message to that people by using chatbot maker. The best idea is to send a message within 24 hours, when the customers remember perfectly about shopping and did not have time to change their mind.

These a few methods certainly improve customer service in your online store.


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