Advertising in Newspaper is Still Becoming a King

Newspapers are one of the print media that is widely used for business. Large and small businesses advertise their business here. In the present era of existence Newspaper assessed ancient when compared to internet or online news. Many have predicted that the existence of newspapers will not survive long in its competition with online media. But unexpectedly the newspaper is able to survive by having readers who each day takes the time to read the newspaper every morning.

One of the facilities that newspapers still many demand is advertising column. In the field of advertising, the newspaper is printed media that serves as an advertising medium. The newspaper not only serves to convey the news that happens in the community around us. But the message also must provide meaningful content to its readers. In the game of chess, media advertising is not a king, but the ad was to be a prime minister who is able to influence and protect the king and changed the game. A good ad is believed to be able to make an impact on the reader with the words delivered in the newspaper.

The newspaper is a medium of communication that is most close and direct contact with readers, when compared with other media such as radio, TV, and internet. Messages on newspaper ads delivered much faster and easier to readers.

Therefore, choosing the newspapers as an advertising medium is the right step and carefully. Many benefits of advertising in a newspaper than in other media, such as newspapers are easy to carry anywhere, ads in newspapers are also not easily lost, and newspapers can be read over and over – again whatever the time. As with other media, the newspaper also has advantages and disadvantages as an advertising medium for the readers and producers.

Advantages of newspaper namely: Enables reach a number of people in a particular area, the cost is relatively inexpensive, can be enjoyed for longer, have the ability to determine the content of the message to be conveyed by advertising, ad delivery is not limited, the reader can read back the ads if desirable, graphic design in creating and producing advertisements usually can be adjusted by the installer, and ads can show changes in market interest.

The newspaper also has shortcomings such as: Easily overlooked by readers, ads have to compete with other advertisers, including advertising of supermarkets and department stores as well as competitors’ ads, although readers take the time to read the newspaper, but sometimes the reader just looking for articles and columns are addressed regardless ads in the newspaper, the newspaper usually only be read once, newspapers are usually more shows on the price of advertising products as most ads for the sale, newspapers are typically read once and then discarded, the newspaper unread on that day, would not normally be read the next day because it was considered old news already, and because the printed media material is a paper material which is easily damaged material types, meaning that if it is not to be – the heart would have a high risk for wet or torn.

Along with the increased facility of online media such as the Internet and online news, of course, face declining newspaper readership. Nowadays more and more readers are now turning to online news online. Want to advertise in print and electronic media and online, it all depends on the cost and targeted marketing of products targeted by advertisers.

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