Comparium: Automatic Website Testing Tool

The demand for e-commerce sites has been increasing day by day and it becomes necessary for business. In today’s life of the customer, the site plays a very important role for any query and solution related to the product or service as they directly visit the site. For this, the site must be of top quality and then only customers can have trust in the company. A site with lots of mistakes also makes it reach at the last rank of search engines. It means customers site will not reach to customers and production will decrease. People feel very rigorous for testing the site as they have to visit different platforms for different checking of sites. But now you do not need to worry about it inventor have bought Comparium for site creator. This is the web application in which you can explore a variety of browser platforms. This makes the website testing of the site easy and simple without any hassle.

Key Features OfComparium Website Testing Tool

Have a usability test

The Comparium web application explores that the site is user-friendly or not. It means the site is equipped with all capability so that the target audience can reach it with ease. This application helps in checking the simplicity and attractiveness of the site. This explores mistakes such as grammar, structure issues, alignment, and many other things. The application also helps in comparing sites with others to know about level.

Check interaction of the site

The application also helps to check the site interface with the webserver and database server. This process of checking also includes the communication process. This also explores that information on the site is reliable or not. Comparium also oversees database and output has been displaying correctly for ease reading. This also helps in ensuring that the site can easily handle all application requests.

Check the compatibility of the site

The web application also offers the site to have perfect compatibility for functioning in different browsers. To reach customers the site must easily run in every type of browser. We all know that today people are using different platforms. To reach every customer your site should have the capability to work in different kinds of platforms such as mobile, system, and other things.

Provides security to the site

To run the site on different search engines it is important to make sure that the site is protected against harmful actions. This also helps customers to reach a site with ease without any tension of the virus. If the site is effected with malfunction it will create problems while accessing, open sessions, and downloading. To check the site with Comparium makes it free from all types of viruses.

Enhance the functionality of the site

If you want that your site reaches to every customer then the functioning process must be effective. The application helps in checking all positive and negative scenarios of the site to increase its quality. This process includes checking cookies, links, inputs, and many other things. Then only your site will function perfectly without any error.

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