How Important Is Website Security and Scalability?

Website Security

Whenever you realize that you require a business website and you contact any site development company, the first question you must ask the company is about website security. All websites at any point in time are prone to get attacked by hackers.

The hackers can attack your website sitting from any part of the world. They do not have any specific requirement to attack the website, they attack any random site. They send some malicious algorithm or program to find the websites’ vulnerability. Once attackers detect these vulnerabilities, they embed the malicious code into the website and corrupt the code. 

With the increase in new, urbane cyber threats from cybercriminals, clients are focusing more on website security. It is gaining more prominence after the threat of new advanced attackers that owners of the website are taking necessary steps to protect their websites and at the same time visitors from the cyber threats.

Why Do Websites Get Hacked?

There is no specific reason why websites get hacked. There are millions of websites online; this gives a lot of room to cyber attackers to play their game. More than 50,000 websites get hacked every single day. They can target big websites to steal their visitors’ information or any valuable information, or they can even attack smaller websites just for the sake of hooliganism.

The main reasons why websites get attacked can be summarized in the following facts:

  • Stealing information from the website stored on the server.
  • Tricking bots and crawlers (black-hat SEO).
  • Exploiting site visitors personal detail
  • Abusing server resources.
  • Pure hooliganism.

What Do You Need to Secure Your Website?

There is a lot of information on your website stored on the server. This information is essential to your business and needs to be protected from attackers: website security concerns to defend your professionalism, your brand, and reputation. You need to protect your business information related to finance to be at risk. Any financial loss would result in the shutting down of your business as well as the website.

Many times it happens that your websites are completely shut down by attackers, but sometimes the hackers are so sophisticated in hijacking your code that you may not even realize that you have been attacked. Cybercriminals are so specialized in malware that they are capable of intruding on a website and staying hidden. They will slowly access the details without even giving you a hint that their malware infects your website.

How Can You Secure Your Website from Cyber-attack?

• SSL Certificate

Incorporating SSL certificates in your website code, protects confidential data collected by your website, like emails and credit card numbers of visitors, as it is transferred from your site to a server. You will need to buy an SSL certificate which is available at very low cost by many companies.

One can say that this is the basic need for the security of any website but at the same time it is important as well because most of the browsers and search engines and labelling websites as insecure which are without SSL.

• Web Application Firewall (WAF)

WAF forms an indispensable but ofcourse a critical part of the security of web application. It stops attacks which are automated that mostly target small and unpopular websites. Malicious bots execute these attacks, are capable of automatically looking for vulnerabilities that can exploit your website information, causing instant crashing of your website. A WAF stops these automated attacks and protects your website from slowing down. 

• Software Updates

Hackers aggressively target security flaws in popular website content management system (CMS). Your website is at a higher risk of getting attacked if it is hosted on a CMS due to vulnerabilities and security issues frequently found in third-party plugins and applications. Software updates can prevent such scenarios, as these updates commonly comprise security patches.

• Website Scanner

The longer it takes to detect cyber-attack, the more it will cost you. Time plays an important role when your website is under threat of malware. A website scanner can catch these malware, vulnerabilities, and cyber-attacks at an early stage and gives you enough time to mitigate it.

A good website scanner scanners not only remove known malware, but they also look for threats daily. It alerts you whenever anything is found, reducing the damage it can cause to your site.

Measures inclusive of an efficient SSL, WAF, website scanner, and other such security benefits that protects ones website and all useful data it contains against the threats and hackers.

What Is Scalability?

As a website owner, it is a typical expectation that the application performs as it is desired and tolerate the errors made by users. As the system grows, a significant concern is that it should prevent unauthorized access and abuse.

There should be a reasonable way of dealing with such a situation when the system grows as expected. This is called scalability. Scalability plays the most basic settings in the success of a web application.

Why do you need scalability?

  • You need to handle a situation when the number of visitors on your website increases, affecting the performance of the website.
  • You need to handle the website performance when you are expanding the product range on the eCommerce website that affects the page load time.
  • You need to handle the situation when a newly added service on the website results in affecting the performance negatively. 

To overcome such cases, you need to follow a set of rules while designing your website. A system, network, or process can cope with the increase in workload when adding resources (usually hardware).

Why Website security and Scalability Are Essential?

Website security issues can cause you a great deal of amount and information loss. Hence, it is of utmost importance to hire a web site development company that focuses on website development and website security.

Along with website security, you should emphasize on website scalability as well. If you are not well prepared with your concerns with the development company, you probably will fail, and eventually, you and your consumers will grieve.

Website security and scalability are thus essential to safeguard your business, brand, and reputation. It also prevents business and financial loss that eventually can shut down your business website. A good site development company can prevent data and information loss by focusing on preventive measures making your website secure and scalable.


With the changing technology, it has become challenging for businesses to safeguard their user’s personal information on their website. The website security measures discussed above will prove to be helpful to any site development company to create a secure website which will keep the business data and customers private information safe against any web based attacks.

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