5 Tips to Best Promote Your Business Via Google+

Other than for personal and casual use such as getting in touch with friends, Google+ is also useful to market your business. But how are we supposed to make the best use of Google+ in promoting our business?

Here are 5 tips by social media experts on how you can use Google+ to promote and market your business.

1. Leverage Google+ Hovercards to gain more audience

When you wnat to market your business, you want to gain more audience on Google+. Bigger audience will lead to more traffic and reach inside your network, and this means bigger chance to get more potential customers. However many marketers are making one serious mistake by trying hard to present new contents in order to get reshares, +1’s and new connections. The best way to gain more audinece on Google+ is not creating your own posts. Instead, pay more attention on commenting. This is where you should focus on a hover card. When you scroll over a name on Google+, you will see a hover card. By using the hovercard, you don’t have to make original contents as often as possible. This way you can engage new relationships and increase the traffice to your site.

2. Close off Google+ Comments to build engagement

This tip is very helpful for intermediate or advanced Google+ users. Everytime somone comments on a post, they will get a notification if another person makes a comment on the post after them. This is a good way to get people’s attention. What you do is putting “the last word” on the comment thread and engage with the right audience.
Here’s how to close off comment thread: click on the upper right of one of your posts and click ‘disable comments.’ Let people know why close the comments and click on the pluses one to see who agrees with the comment. Then you can add them to your circles and therefore you can build engagement further.

3. Make a schedule for your Google+ posts

When you want to share great articles Google+ personal profile, don’t do it all at the same time. It’s better to post it in separate times. You can use free plugins like Chrome DoShare to do that. Click the DoShare button in your browser when you find a piece of content on the web and add it to the queue.

4. Post tall and skinny gorgeous images

To attract viewers, do not share images from the link you’r sharing. Instead, create beautiful, tall and skinny stunning images for your contents. This is one of the most effective ways to win audience. Spend some time to see which size or colors look best. If the size is not suitable, use a tool like PicMonkey or Canva to change the size of your images and to make them look more interesting.

5. Use your Google+ profile to claim authorship of your content

If you are a writer for different online publications or blogs, use your Google+ profile to claim authorship of every article you write. In addition, whether or not you own a website. create an account Google Webmaster Tools using the same Google account as your Google+ profile. By doing this, you can see the analytics data for the posts linked to your Google+ profile.

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