7 Essential Tips for finding a Job in Canada

By using these tips you’ll be working in Canada in no time. Keep reading for 7 essential tips for finding a job in Canada.

Canada is not only the third best country across the globe but also a great place to live and work.

It is a beautiful destination, has amazing wide spaces and holds an excellent reputation for being a friendly country in the world. The unemployment rate in Canada is low. However, the country’s job market remains highly competitive.

The state advises employers in Canada to consider residents before giving jobs to foreign applicants.

This means finding a job in Canada can be a formidable task. However, with proper guidelines, preparing efficiently for Canadian jobs and knowing what employers are looking for, can easily land you a job.

By using these tips you’ll be working in Canada in no time. Keep reading for 7 essential tips for finding a job in Canada.

1. Check your Eligibility Status

Residents of Canada have higher chances of getting employment. However, if you are not a resident, it is imperative that you check your eligibility status. Canada is friendly to foreigners. As such, getting a Visa and a work permit is not a complicated process. Most importantly, there a few barriers to getting a job in Canada.

Therefore, check your eligibility with the Canadian immigration department. Knowing this upfront saves you time. It also enhances your chances of getting a job with top employers in the country.

2. Apply for Jobs in Main Industries

Technology, Energy, Agriculture and services industries including health, education, and business are main industries to consider.

The insurance, manufacturing and banking sectors also dominate the top employers’ list in Canada. Harness the power of the internet and apply for available jobs in these sectors.

Apart from these core industries, there are still many booming industries including the media and tourism sectors.

They offer job opportunities to residents and foreigners. Take time to research your niche as in this post and apply for vacancies that match your professional skills.

3. Go Online  

The internet offers amazing opportunities for job applicants in Canada. It is the best place to begin your search. Check out job sites in the country including

  • Canada’s top 100
  • Career Builder
  • Workopolis
  • Hot Jobs in Canada

If you want a job at Canada’s financial center Toronto, visit Toronto Jobs website

Linked In is equally a powerful website that can help you find a good job. It offers excellent networking opportunities and recommendations on available jobs.

Take advantage of thousands of vacant job advertisements, employment services and resources in top industries and cities in Canada. The more information you have, the better your chances of landing on a good job.

4. Work with a Recruitment Agency

While the internet offers excellent job search results, you need to personalize your search.

Work with a recruitment agency in the country for in-depth job search. Such agencies also offer great ideas for writing a successful cover letter. They ensure your resume makes the best first impression.

Agencies also offer extra tips on how to get a job in Canada based on their experience in the field.

They further provide relevant background information on the companies you are eyeing. Surf around, find a top agency that is highly recommended and respected for quality service delivery.

5. Build a Professional Network

Having a solid professional network is imperative for job seekers across the globe. It is helpful. Use LinkedIn, recruitment agencies and other platforms to build a network that will boost your chances of getting a job.

If you can attend professional events or visit some of the top employers in the country the better. Alternatively, connect with professionals online as it gives you a leg up in your search.

  • Network with young and seasoned professionals
  • Check out for event listings online and get the best in Canada
  • Try to build a network with mentors in the country on social settings. You will get more ideas on how to apply successfully for a job.

Networking accounts for more than 60 percent of job opportunities. Take time to learn how you can network with the right professional.

Talk to experts and get help. Networking is about talking, embrace it because it works.

6. Work on a Great Resume

There are tons of exciting jobs available in Canada. It is, however, necessary for you to understand that the market is competitive. To boost your chances of getting a good job, work on a resume that stands out.

Writing a resume may seem simple but it is challenging. Know what to include in your resume and think out of the box. Make your resume stand out by

  • Keeping it short
  • Making it job specific
  • Let the resume pique the interest of a potential employer
  • It should also follow the Canadian resume format that includes contact information, professional summary, work experience, and educational development.

Where applicable, include volunteer experience and relevant technical skills. You can have your resume done by an expert and get a trusted Human Resources expert to spruce it up.

7. Show Appreciation for Canadian Culture

It is important to appreciate the Canadian culture when trying to get a good job in the country. Learn Canadian English.

It is an excellent tool that enhances your chances of a successful job application process. Most employment centers in Canada offer up to 25 language services. Ask for help.

Learn about how Canadians talk and interact. Networking is crucial in appreciating Canadian culture.

It helps you to learn of different language skills, Canadian etiquette and mannerism, business and professional practices and socializing. You never know if within the networks you build, your employer is there.

Understanding Canadian culture is equally important whenever you are invited for an interview. Canadians love to keep some distance when talking to people at the first interaction, they maintain eye contact and they give a firm handshake.

Dress well for an interview. Know the dress code in a company you are visiting for an interview.

Is it business casual or more professional attire? Be there on time, be careful of your body language and be confident. After an interview, a thank you note is often welcome. Emphasize your interest in the job.

Make a Positive Impression When Looking For a Job

The impression you make is often a thin line between getting a job and missing out on one. You have one opportunity to make a first positive and lasting impression when finding a job in Canada. Follow these simple tips, make the move and go for the job.

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